How to Install Kodi on Smart TV Vizio?[Guideline for Visio Users]

Do you want Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV?

If you want to install Kodi but don’t know how to do it, this guide will help you tremendously. The Kodi app for Vizio TVs makes it simple to organize all the videos digitally so that they may be shared later on many platforms.

But when it comes to installation, it differs significantly from that of a Samsung Smart TV. So, how to install Kodi on Smart TV Visio?

To install Kodi on Smart TV Visio, first, you need to connect your Vizio Smart TV to the internet. Then, download the “ES File Explorer” and add Kodi in the “Favorites” section. Finally, you have to download the Kodi APK file and you’ll be able to install Kodi on Smart TV Visio.

There are also 2 more methods of installing Kodi to Visio. Keep reading to learn more about the processes in detail. 

How to install Kodi on Smart TV Vizio: Top Hacks for TV users 2022

What is Kodi on Vizio smart TV?

The Kodi Foundation created the open-source media player known as Kodi. Users can play videos, music, podcasts, and other types of content through Kodi on Vizio smart.

Notably, you can either download this directly to your device or stream it over the Internet. The availability of versions for Android TV box, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV/Stick, PC, Mac, and iOS is one of this app’s biggest features.

Downloading and installing Kodi on Visio is similar to installing Titanium Tv on Firestick.

By installing Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV, you can enjoy a personalized media center experience on your TV.

Hot to get Vizio Smart TV using HDMI

The simplest and most direct method of installing Kodi on a Vizio Smart TV is via HDMI.

Here’s how to use HDMI to install Kodi on a Vizio Smart TV:

  • Look for the HDMI ports on each gadget. You’ll need to get an adapter if the computer that has Kodi installed on it doesn’t already have one.
  • Connect both devices to your HDMI cable.
  • Make sure the HDMI port you are using has the input for your Vizio Smart TV.
  • Adjust the display settings, and if you’re using Windows, go to Settings, System, and then Display. Find System Preferences, then Displays, if using a Mac.

Kodi is now installed on your Vizio Smart TV. It’s easy to see how doing this each time you want to install Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV may soon become laborious.

How to get Vizio on Android TV box

On an Android TV box, Kodi may be installed in two different methods. Either sideload it using a PC or install it through the Google Play Store (preferred).

Method 1

Open the Google Play Store and type “Kodi” into the search box to install Kodi from there. Select the “XBMC Foundation” – published official Kodi app. To show that it originates from the Kodi Foundation’s official account, there should be a green check mark next to the publisher’s name.

Click install when the app’s details screen appears. Your device will download and set up Kodi.

Method 2

Follow these steps to sideload Kodi onto your Android device:

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Check the box next to this phrase, or move the Unknown sources slider to the “on” position.
  • Open a browser and go to the “installing Kodi”, download page’s official site.
  • Click Android after scrolling down.
  • Depending on whatever version of Android you have, choose the button for 32 or 64-bit if you want the most recent stable release of Kodi.
  • Open the Files app or File Manager
  • Find the document you just downloaded (zip file).
  • Press the file. PC will install Kodi in seconds.

How to Install Kodi on Smart TV Rizio Using the Mirroring Method?

In case you don’t own a streaming device, you can still mirror Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV by utilizing the SmartCast app on your Android device. 

Follow these steps to get started:

  • First, you need to connect the Vizio Smart TV and your Android Device to the same Wifi network. 
  • Then, install and sign in to the Vizio SmartCast app on the Android Device. In case you don’t have an account, you need to create a new one. 
  • After that, click on the “Toolbar” icon on the top-left side of the screen. 
  • Then, click on the “Set up your device” option and choose your Vizio Smart TV from the list.
  • Next, you have to tap on the “Start” button and enter the four-digit code displayed on your TV. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process successfully.
  • Finally, install the Kodi app from the Google Play Store on your Android device, and open the app to display it on your Vizio Smart TV.

By following these simple steps, you can now mirror Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV and enjoy your favorite media content on the big screen.

However, after installing Kodi you may find it slower after using for few days. In that case you can clear the cache to get rid of it. Here I’ve a guide for you on clearing cache Kodi FireStick to increase speed

Alternatives to Vizio TV

The best choice is to use one of the various built-in streaming services if you don’t really want to buy a separate streaming device for Kodi on Vizio Smart TVs (Roku stick).

Even though Vizio frequently lacks quality apps, Kodi has an alternative.

The biggest benefit of the built-in streaming service over Kodi on Vizio Smart TV is that you can view movies and TV series without worrying about setting anything up because the app is already installed. It’s known as Plex.



Can I install APK on Vizio Smart TV?

Obtaining the proper APK file from a USB and transferring it to the TV allows you to install apps on a VIZIO Smart TV. You must choose your directory to access the file.

Selecting and installing the APK file will come next. Remember that APK files should only come from reliable sources. You can then navigate to Settings, followed by Apps, and then manage Installed apps in the Android operating system.

How do I add apps to my Vizio Smart TV that are not listed no V button?

Make sure your Vizio Smart TV is turned on and linked to a functional Wi-Fi network. Press the Home button on your TV’s remote control once. You must select Connected Store from the list of possibilities. Navigate the store and choose All Apps.

How do I add apps to my Vizio Smart TV update?

Even if the app you’re looking for might not be accessible right now, VIZIO frequently releases TV upgrades that include new functions and applications. Once the app is made available to VIZIO and if your TV is online, these updates will download automatically to your TV.


People can stream movies from the Kodi app or install Kodi on Vizio Smart TVs using HDMI or Chromecast or another Android operating system.

Many individuals find the thought of constantly turning on their computer and smart TV and hopping from one to the other to be somewhat annoying. Using one of our tutorials, an Android TV stick, or a Roku stick, you can use this way to view Kodi on a Vizio Smart TV.

Because of this, the two most popular and widely used techniques for the modern user to install Kodi on Vizio Smart TV are using a built-in streaming service as an app or using a streaming device. Some prefer a dedicated USB cable, but it is much simpler to download Kodi to your Android operating system or on a PC.

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