Clear Cache Kodi Fire Stick to increase speed (step by step)?

Kodi is 1 of the finest multifunctional multimedia enjoyment applications. From live TV to games, movies, and radio, you may broadcast everything with the application.

But somebody who has been utilizing the application for a lengthy period frequently confronts problems such as buffering, slow startup, crashes, etc.

Although you can have an extremely quick internet linkage, most of the issues you run into with Kodi are concerning the cache. By the clear Kodi cache, you may hope the application to be as efficient and quick as you only reinstalled it.

In this part, we are going to show you how to clear cache in Kodi in several ways.

But before that, we are going to take a little journey to learn all about the cache on Kodi. So, without further ado, let’s get.

What is Kodi cache?

Kodi cache is where temporary data from the Kodi app is stored to speed up the streaming process during playback.

However, even though the cache should be temporary, Kodi and other streaming apps tend to keep the cache from previous plays.

This accumulates and often results in slow performance, threading issues on Kodi, and other problems.

How is cache created in Kodi?

For instance, you frequently turn up a third-party add-on.

So, in extra to download from scrape at every juncture you open it, Kodi cache transiently keeps it in RAM to complete the operation quickly and more efficiently.

This is how the cache is created.

Caches are created in Kodi to speed up processes. Some partition is dedicated in RAM for processes that you frequently activate in Kodi, so you don’t have to deal with lags.

For example, when you play a video, and it loads, some buffers are temporarily stored in your device’s memory so that the video doesn’t stop every second.

Why should you clear Kodi cache?

Kodi is a great app for streaming movies, TV shows, sports, and more.

However, sometimes you may experience constant buffering, and Kodi freezing issues.

The cache data is causing Kodi to stop working properly.

One of the most common issues caused by large cached data is that your Kodi starts to run sluggish – it may be slow to respond to commands or even navigate, and that’s when you know you need to clear cache in Kodi.

Also, clear Kodi cache regularly will make your Kodi faster and more responsive.

Clear cache on Kodi is the best way to clear temporary data and speed up your device.

This can solve many technical issues and is often the best solution if you are experiencing playback or buffering issues in Kodi.

And you can clear cache on Kodi almost instantly.

How to clear the cache on Kodi through the Kodi application?

Another way to clear Kodi cache is also through its app.

Follow the instructions below to make your application run faster. The whole process will not take you more than a minute!

Step 1. Go to the main screen of Kodi and select program add-ons from the drop-down list available on the left side of the screen.

Step 2. Another list will appear showing different categories of program add-ons such as software and music add-ons. Click program add-ons.

Step 3. Now click on the installed Kodi master.

Step 4. Click ” Cleaning Tools”.

Step 5. Click Clear Cache.

Step 6. Now a window will appear on your screen asking you to confirm if you want to clear the cache or not. Click Clear Cache.

Step 7. A small confirmation will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen, which will tell you that the cache has been cleared.

After that, your Kodi app should run without lag or buffering. If your Kodi app is running very slow, you should probably clear the cache.

How to clear cache on Kodi on FireStick/Android?

Below are the detailed steps you can follow to clear the cache on Kodi on your FireStick or Android device.

The steps below were completed using Amazon FireStick Lite. However, you can follow the same steps on any other FireStick model.

The cache-clearing process for Android users using devices like NVIDIA Shield or MECOOL Box is also the same.

Step 1. From the FireStick Kodi home screen, tap “Settings” and then select “Apps” from the regulation icon on your screen.

Step 2. Now click “Manage installed applications”.

Step 5. A list of installed applications will appear on the screen. Find among them and find Kodi.

Step 4. Click Clear Cache and that’s it! You have now successfully cleared the cache of your Kodi app.

Step 6. If you think you need to reset the entire Kodi app, you can select the “Clear data” option to do so.

Clear Kodi cache on Nvidia Shield, Mi Box, Android TV

As with FireStick, you can clear the cache on your Nvidia Shield or any other Android TV OS device in the device’s regulation.

Of course, since the Android TV interface is different from the FireStick interface, the steps are also slightly different.

Step 1. On the Nvidia Shield or Android TV Kodi home screen, tap “Settings” in the top right corner.

Step 2. On the pop-up menu on the right, click Applications.

Step 3. Scroll down and tap Kodi.

Step 4. Click Kodi Clear Cache.

Step 5. Click OK to clear Kodi cache.

Clear Kodi cache on any device (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.)

Kodi does not offer any built-in features to clear the cache.

Therefore, I am showing you another way to clear Kodi cache if you use Kodi on a computer (Windows and Mac).

This method involves installing the EzzerMacs Wizard on Kodi.

The EzzerMacs master has various maintenance features such as clearing the Kodi cache, which will keep Kodi running smoothly.

Although this process is a bit longer compared to clearing the FireStick cache, it is still simple if you follow the instructions carefully.

Here are the steps to clear the Kodi cache with the EzzerMacs wizard:

Step 1. Launch Kodi.

Step 2. Enable Unknown Sources if not already done. Here’s how to do it – on the home screen, click Settings, click System, click Add-ons > Unknown Sources, then click Yes.

Step 3. Now go back to the main Kodi screen and go to “Settings” (gear icon).

Step 4. Select a file manager.

Step 5. Click Add Source.

Step 6. Then press <No>.

Step 7. Enter the following URL exactly: And click OK.

Step 8. Enter a name of your choice for this media source. Enter Ezzer and click OK.

Step 9. Click OK again.

Step 10. Return to the Kodi settings screen and click on the add-ons folder.

Step 11. Click “Install from Zip file”.

Step 12. Click Ezzer or the name you entered in step 8.

Step 13. Click on

Step 14. Wait until the EzzerMacs Wizard Repository Add-on installation message appears.

Step 15. Now click “Install from repository”.

Step 16. Click EzzerMacs Master Repository.

Step 17. Click Add-ons.

Step 18. Then click EzzerMac Wizard.

Step 19. Click the “Install” button in the lower-right corner.

Step 21. Wait until the EzzerMac Wizard add-on installation message appears.

Step 22. Return to the main Kodi screen and click “Add-ons”.

Step 23. Highlight the program add-ons on the left, and then click EzzerMac Wizard on the right.

Step 24. Click “Maintenance”.

Step 25. Click the Delete Cache button.

Step 26. Click Kodi Clear Cache.

Step 27. Wait for the process to complete, a notification will appear on the screen with the number of deleted cache files. It’s all! Your Kodi cache is now deleted!

How to clear Kodi cache on Amazon FireStick?

Now, as we mentioned, the above method clears the Kodi cache using the EzzerMac wizard. Thus, it is useful for almost any device, including FireTV Cube, FireStick, Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and other supported devices.

Although, if you don’t have enough storage on your FireTV device, you certainly need a method that can be used without installing any addons or wizards.

That’s why I’m writing this separate guide that you can follow without even down-loading anything. To clear cache on the Amazon FireStick, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch FireStick or FireTV Cube and on the main screen go to the menu above and select “Settings”.
  2. After going to “Settings”, just move forward and select “Applications”.
  3. On the next screen, click “Manage installed applications”.
  4. It will show a list of all installed apps on your device, just scroll down and select Kodi.
  5. Once you select it, you will notice that various options appear there, so be careful and select Kodi clear cache.

Immediately after its choice, the caches will be instantly cleared, and it will not ask for any confirmation.

However, you need to be very careful with this, as if you were clearing the data.

Then you will lose any installed add-ons, assemblies, skins, or even any customizations you have made.

That’s why to double-check the steps before doing them.

What are the types of cache on Kodi?

The cache on Kodi is usually divided into the following four types:

Temporary files

Temporary/Temporary files include folders of obsolete repositories, add-ons, and a zip file. Since Kodi automatically updates everything (except Kodi 19), these files are useless. They are not used by the application and there is no harm in deleting them.

Attention! Hackers make phony Wi-Fi hotspots to swipe your passwords when you log into a shared Wi-Fi network. Safeguard your data.


When you broadcast a particular video, its buffers are transiently kept in the memory. If you desire, you may play it similarly and the video will begin playing instantly. But generally, no one plays a particular video again and again. For instance, you will not replay a live stream.


Addons also generate a cache for a smooth experience. But you should Kodi clear cache there from time to time so that your RAM does not accumulate unnecessary data.


Final but not minor, pictures of add-ons, items you explore on the web, icon packs, etc. are cached in your app memory.

Although the picture cache allows loading services fast, you may remove the cache for Kodi add-ons, applications, etc. you’re not going to use anymore.


  • How do I empty Kodi cache?

You can do this by clicking on settings. From here, select “Apps” and then click “Managed Installed Apps”. A list of all installed applications will appear. Click on Kodi and then select clear cache.

  • What happens if I clear Kodi data?

Wiping your data will keep Kodi on your FireStick, but it will remove all your add-ons and their settings, all settings, your Kodi settings, and everything else.

  • Does clearing cache delete data on FireStick?

Clearing the cache will remove the temporary data store, while clearing the data will return apps to their default state. We recommend clearing the cache first, as clearing your data means you’ll have to sign in to the app again.

  • Do I need to clear the cache in Kodi?

Sometimes an app or website may run slower or crash. Under these circumstances, you should clear your cache in order for the website to run smoothly again. However, it is recommended that you clear the cache only when you find any problems in the application.

  • What is a Kodi add-on?

A Kodi add-on is a third-party software often used to stream movies and TV shows through the Kodi application. Some of the best add-ons are The Crew, Pluto TV, Seren, YouTube, Venom, and Disney Plus.

  • What is a Kodi repository?

The Kodi repository is a repository for numerous Kodi add-ons. You need to install a specific repository first in order to install the Kodi add-on.

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, Kodi is the best streaming app for almost any platform, including iOS, Mac, and Windows machines.

So, it’s pretty fun to use this app unless you run into buffering issues, lag, slow performance, and more.

This is due to temporary cache files, so here in this guide, we have learned how to clear cache Kodi so that our application runs smoother and faster.

I have discussed both methods for users of FireStick and other devices, so they don’t need to use any other guide.

However, I would recommend that you use the EzzerMac method because it is very handy and can be used to clear packages and thumbnails on FireTV or other devices.

Perhaps, if you still have any problems or can’t delete these cache a file manager, you can just ask a question in the comments section. I will be glad to hear from you and will be happy to help my visitors with any problem they have.

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