Talking about tech in 2018 is the best. There is so much on the market now and it just keeps growing. It makes it hard for people who are not as interesting in gaming and tech as we are, there is simply too much. At Gaming Simplified, we are doing exactly what the name suggests, making gaming simpler.

If you are the type of person who prefers to play games instead of doing all the research required to actually get a great gaming experience, Gaming Simplified is for you. We are explaining those pesky tech-words like refresh rate or adaptive sync. Learn more about gaming and gaming hardware and understand why it matters.

Our buyer guides are done with the gamer in mind. No one wants a list of 15 monitors, that’s not making it easier. We carefully select a few products and explain why those are better than the other ones. Our product reviews go in-depth and explain our experience of the product so that you can make a more educated purchase decision.

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The Landin Brothers

Gaming Simplified is driven by the two brothers, Christoffer and Marcus. They are living in Sweden and recently bought an apartment together. Both of them are huge tech enthusiasts and love talking about gaming and tech. They decided to create the website Gaming Simplified because people close to them wasn’t as interested as they are. By having a website about gaming, they can speak freely and as much as they want about their interests.

Christoffer Landin is the bigger brother. He is working as a System Administrator for a mid-sized company. He started building computers at an early age and prefers to play with hardware instead of games. He spends a lot of money on gaming hardware and is always changing or configuring his PC. He is currently rocking an X99-build with a GTX 1080 Ti.

Marcus Landin is working as a store clerk in an electronic store. His favorite game of all time is GTA San Andreas but today, he is mainly playing Overwatch or Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Unlike Christoffer, he is more into games and gaming experience than the hardware it runs on. There is always a new game to try out for Marcus and he spends a lot of time doing just that.


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