11+ Easy FIXES Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Error [2022]

Getting the “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” Error is very common in many Android phones and tablets.

There are various ways to solve this issue and that’s what I’m going to show you in this detailed post.

So, How to fix Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Error?

In order to fix the “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” Error, you can:

  1. Uninstall Play services updates.
  2. Restart device.
  3. Update Android.
  4. Reset Google Play Services Preferences.
  5. Update Google Play Services.
  6. Clear cache.
  7. Sign out of account.
  8. Use Another Account.
  9. Check date and time.
  10. Uninstall Android System Webview updates.
  11. Factory Reset.

Let’s go a little deep about each of these methods and let me explain everything in detail.

Uninstall Google Play services updates:

When Google Play Services keeps stopping, the most likely cause is an update gone wrong. To get it fixed, all you have to do is uninstall the updates of the Google Play Services.

Here’s how you can Uninstall Google Play services update

1. Open the “Settings” on your Android device.

2. Look for “all apps” or “app manager’ and then tap on them.

3. Scroll down or type “Google Play Services” in the search bar and open it.

4. Click on the top right corner in the settings and you’ll get the option of “Uninstall Updates” and click on it.

If you are confused about the process, just follow the below screenshots. It’ll be much easier for you to understand it.

Uninstalling Google Play Services

Google updates the Play Services once in a while to bring more features and functionality but in some rare cases, it brings some bugs and those bugs bring this error i.e. “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping”.

After uninstalling the update which has got a few bugs, the Google Play Services will be reverted back to their original version and the error you have right now will be hopefully gone after that.

This is one of the most effective ways to solve this problem.

Restart your Android phone or Tablet:

By simply restarting your Android device, you can easily solve this issue and get rid of this problem as soon as possible. Even in the case of chromebook won’t turn on, a force restart works sometimes!

By pressing and holding the power button on your Android phone or tablet for a couple of seconds, you’ll get the option of “Restart” or “Reboot”. Select that option and wait for a few moments to restart your device.

This is one of the easiest ways to solve the “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” error in any Android device.

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Update your Android Version:

If you don’t know or If you haven’t updated your OS before, then follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the “Settings” on your Android Phone/ Tablet.

Step 2: Look for “System” and then open “System Updates” or “Software Update”.

Step 3: You’ll get the option of “Download & Install” If your device has got an OS update. Click on that option and wait for a few moments to download the update.

Step 4: After completing the download, reboot your device to complete the update. That’s it.


Update Your Android Version

Many people ignore or miss the notification of system updates on our device and this is one of the main causes for getting this error of Google Play Store. Just by updating your Android device at the right time, you can avoid getting this issue.

If you have not got the option of “Download and install” while trying to update the device, it simply means there is no latest software available for your device and it is already up to date.

Reset Your Google Play Services Preferences.

Here is how to Reset Your Google Play Services Preferences:

Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your Android device.

Step 2: Look for all apps and click on them.

Step 3: Now tap on the three-dot icon at the top right corner in the settings.

Step 4: Now, you’ll find an option of “Reset App Preferences”, click on it and confirm that in the next step.

Reset the Google Play Services Preferences

Resetting the Google Play Services preferences is another good way to get rid of your current issue. But keep in mind that, this might be a little tricky because by doing this you are going to reset all the existing apps on your Android device.

If you are okay with this, then you can continue, or else there are many other methods to solve your Google Play Services Keeps Stopping issue.

Update Google Play Services & existing apps:

Here is how to Update Google Play Services from Google Play:

1. Open Google Play Store on your phone/ Tablet and search for Google Play Services.

2. If you don’t get any results for Google Play Services, then click on this link to open it.

3. After opening Google Play Services in Google Play, tap on “update” and wait for a couple of moments to download and install the update.

Update Google Play Services

 Update apps from Google Play Store list:

1. As usual, you need to open the Google Play Store on your device.

2. Now, click on the profile icon at the top right corner in Google Play Store.

3. You’ll get an option like “Manage apps and device”, tap and open it.

4. After that, you’ll find “Updates Available” and below that you’ll get the “Update all” button. Tap on that button and wait for a few minutes to update all apps.

Update Apps in Play Store

It is always a good idea to keep Google Play Services and other apps up to date so that you can avoid issues like “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping”. Additionally, you get new features with every update that is going to enhance the user experience. This is a step we recommend in our quick guide on this person is unavailable on messenger error!

Clear cache & data from Google Play Services

Here is how to Clear cache & data from Google Play Services:

1. Launch the “Settings” app on your Android device.

2.  Open the list of all apps.

3. Look for “Google Play Services” and open it.

4. After opening the Play Services, tap on the “Storage” option.

5. Now, you’ll get two options i.e. clear storage and clear cache. You know what to do. Tap on “clear cache” and that’s it. You are done.

Clear Cache of Google Play Services

The cache is where the API stores the data temporarily so that it can run functions in the background smoothly. If the count of cache is increased in your Android device than its actual capacity, it might cause various issues like the one you have right now i.e. Google Play Services Keeps Stopping.

Sign out of your Google account

Here’s how you can sign out of your Google account on your Android device.

1. Again, open the “Settings” on your device.

2. Now, look for the “Accounts” option and tap on it.

3. Select the Google account which you want to remove and confirm that by clicking on the “Remove account” button.

4. After removing the account, sign in to the same account by entering the account details.

Sign out your Google Account

This is another great way to solve your problem. Sometimes your Google account may come across a few glitches that would cause this error to take place. The best way is to sign out of your Google account and then sign in again.

Hopefully, your problem may have got solved by following this unique yet simple method.

Use Another Google Account.

Let me show you how you can add another Google account to your device.

1. As usual, launch the “Settings” app on your Android device.

2. Now, Open the “Accounts” tab, and there you’ll find an option “Add account”, click and access it.

3. After opening the accounts tab, you’ll get multiple options and you have to pick “Google” from those options.

4. Enter your account credentials and that’s it.

Add new Google Account

I guess you may already have an alternate Google account just like many people and now, you can use that alternate account on your Android device until your problem goes away.

Before you sign in with your alternate account, I would highly recommend you take the backup of your main account in case something goes wrong.

Here’s how you can take backup of your account.

1. Open “Settings” on your phone/ tablet and look for the “Google” option.

2. After opening the “Google”, click on “Backup”.

3. Now, tap on the “Backup now” button and then the process of backing up your data will get initiated.

In case, If you already don’t know, the backup data will be saved in your Google drive. You can access it anytime you want.

Check date and time of your phone.

Here’s what you need to do right now to fix Google Play Services Keeps Stopping.

1. Open the “Settings” from your main menu.

2. Scroll down to find the “date and time” settings.

3. Now, you’ll get options like “Auto” or “Use network-provided time”. If that option has been turned on, leave it, or else turn on this option to detect the date and timings of the device automatically.

Change date and time of device

Sometimes the smallest things cause the major issues and this is one of them. When your device’s date and time don’t sync with Google Play Services, you’ll get this Google Play Services Keeps Stopping error.

This happens when you try to manually set the device’s date and timings instead of letting the device detect it automatically.

Additional Tip: If the option of “Use 24-hour format” is turned on, you must immediately turn it off.

Uninstall Android System Webview updates

Here are the steps to Uninstall Android System Webview update:

1. Open the “Settings” app on your device.

2. It might be a little tricky to find System Webview so I would suggest you type it in the search bar.

3. When you open it, click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner and it’ll give you the option of “Uninstall Updates”.

Tap on it and you are done.

Uninstall Android System Webview updates

A lot of people might not have heard about Android System Webview before but it is one of the most important components of any device.

I can’t explain that in detail here but I’ll try to quickly elaborate so that you can understand it easily.

“Android System Webview is a system app that is powered by Google Chrome that allows the Android apps to display the web contents”.

If you want to read more about Android System Webview, then you can read this article from Make Tech Easier.

Recently, many users have complained that Android System WebView is causing some issues that are leading some apps to crash. In this case, you may be getting the error of “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” because of Android System WebView.

So the idea here is to uninstall the update and revert it back to its older version to fix Google Play Services Keeps Stopping.

Factory Reset Your Device

Here is a simple way to factory reset your Android.

1. Open the “Settings” from your phone menu.

2. Scroll down or type “Backup and Reset” in the search bar and then open it.

3. Click on “Reset all settings” and your phone will ask you to enter the device password.

4. After entering the password, confirm the next step and your Android device will reboot after resetting everything.

The factory reset should be the last option on your list when the error of “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” doesn’t go away even after following all the above-mentioned methods. Doing a hard reset might seem like easy stuff but it is going to cause you a lot of trouble because a factory reset completely erases all the data, passwords, and settings from your Android.

Don’t worry, Google Play Service isn’t going anywhere even after doing the factory reset because it is a system app but it’ll revert back to its default settings.

Here’s a Bonus method for you:

12. Disable Google Chrome:

1. Open “Settings” and select “Apps”.

2. Now open “Google Chrome” and disable it. It’ll enable Android WebView in case if it is disabled.

3. Now again open Chrome and enable it.

and, That’s it.

This might not be a popular way to solve your issue but I’ve got comments from a few users who have followed this method and got success. And that’s the reason I’ve added this method as a bonus one.

Many users have recommended this method and it has helped them to get rid of the “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” Error. I hope you get the same result as many other people and your problem goes away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What will happen If I clear Google Play Services data?

If you clear the cache of Play Services, the temporary files that are associated with your account will be removed. If you want to clear the data, then all the settings you have made on your Android will be gone. Neither of these actions will remove any app from your Android phone or tablet.

2. Can I uninstall Google Play Services on my phone to fix Google Play Services Keep Stopping issue?

No, you can’t.

Play Services is a system app on all Android devices that helps to get the latest apps, updates, and features even without updating the Android version. You can’t uninstall it.

However, You can uninstall the updates of Google Play Services If you get any issues with the app. You can follow my above-mentioned steps to do that.

3. Do I need Play Services on my phone?

Yes, Absolutely.

Without Google Play Services, Core-apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Music, etc won’t function properly and you’ll be in a big mess.

Final Words:

If you have solved the Google Play Services Keeps Stopping issue with the help of this post, then I would love to know which method worked for you in the comments section below.

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