Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard Review

There is no denying that this keyboard looks great and will fit on any desk, whatever the setup you have. The Romer-G switches are perfect for gaming, feeling smooth and responsive.

The Logitech Software is really easy to use and offers a lot of customization. It’s one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards out there. The funniest thing is the volume wheel which is amazing. I just wished that Logitech would have given us a USB Pass-Through as well.

The Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum mechanical keyboard doesn’t look like much. In fact, there isn’t very much that is standing out with this keyboard when you first look at it.

But that is one of the features of the Logitech G810: the cleanness. There is no fuzz and weird macro keys, it’s simply a good-looking keyboard that does what keyboards do best.

The big brother G910 is a great keyboard that was received well by both gamers and reviews. With the G810, Logitech is trying to capture the ones that don’t need all the extra features that the G910 offers. The question is Logitech removed too much or if they hit the sweet spot for many of us?

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum – Product Review

Image Quality

It has most of the essentials but I am missing a wrist rest and a USB Pass-Through.


The clean look of the G810 is the best thing. It looks great and fit on any desk.

Game Performance

The Romer-G switches are great for gaming. They could be better for typing, though.

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In a time when keyboards should look more like spaceships floating on your desk, the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is a welcome addition.

The very first thought that hits you when you see this keyboard is the question of what the fuzz is about. Logitech promoted the keyboard heavily at launch but there is not much to the eye that tells you about the G810.

In my own opinion, I prefer to have a scaled down keyboard. The keyboard is simply black with black keycaps. The only thing that lights up is the characters on the keycaps, which is a bit lower than many other mechanical keyboards. The only thing that stands out is the branded G in the top left corner.

The keyboard is also very compact. The keys go to the very end of the edge, with only 5 millimeters to spare.

The only exception to this is the top side, where you can find the media keys, a volume scroll and the light for num lock and caps lock. I must say, having a wheel to scroll when changing the volume is much more satisfying than pressing on a key or holding FN while pressing any of the FN keys.

The height of the keyboard can be adjusted with the built-in feet’s as well. You can choose between 0°, 4° or 8°. I feel that having it on anything lower than 8° is too tiresome for my wrists as there is no included wrist rest.

The keyboard is simply to flat for me in any other angle. I wish Logitech had included a wrist rest, but on the other hand, not having a wrist rest is a step towards the clean look that Logitech is looking for with the G810. The cable on the top is braided which feels more premium.

The cable is non-detachable so if it’s damaged, the keyboard is dead (if you have no repair skills). There is one thing missing and that is a USB pass-through. Why, Logitech, is there no USB pass-through on this keyboard?

The Keys

The G810 is not unique with having these types of keys, they can be found on many other keyboards from Logitech as well.

In fact, the G610 is even using the exact same layout as the G810 with the difference being that the G810 is using Logitech’s own Romer-G switches instead of Cherry MX. The G810 does also feature full RGB witch the G610 doesn’t.

The Romer-G switches are the big thing here. Instead of having Cherry do the switches, Logitech has opted for their own switches, which they claim are up to 25% faster than the leading competitor (Cherry MX). With an actuation point of 1.5mm and an actuation force of 45g, they are comfortable to type on.

They are somewhat close to Cherry MX Brown with both giving tactile feedback while typing. One point where Logitech has worked hard is the lifetime of the Romer-G switches as Logitech claims that each switch can handle up to 70 million keystrokes compared to Cherry’s 50 million.

On the top right side, we find dedicated media keys for the keyboard. You have the normal keys such as play/pause, stop and changing tracks.

However, you also have a scroll wheel which you use to turn the volume up and down. This is a trend that has become more popular in 2017 and 2018, which is welcome in my mind. There is a reason why receives has a round volume knob on them and it’s simply because it’s easier to find the perfect volume, giving you more control.

The keys are not low-profile, but they are not as high as many other keyboards either.

If you take a look at the Corsair K95 Platinum, the keys are so far up, it’s hard to understand how anyone can reach them. Logitech has placed their keys a bit lower, giving a better reachability to the keys (and I think it also looks better).

The only key that I feel Logitech should have focused more on is the spacebar. This key is unique in being so big, but it feels much cheaper than the rest of the keys. It’s wobbly and sounds weird when you lay your fingers on it.

RGB & Logitech Gaming Software

As with everything else at this time, the Logitech G810 does feature full RGB. Every key can show their own individual color if that is something you want.

Because of how the Romer-G switches are designed, the light leaking is minimal on the G810 and it makes the colors on the keys themselves pop much more.

To get access to all the potential of the G810, you will have to install the Logitech Gaming Software.

The software will give you the option to control the lighting on the keyboard in any way that you prefer. I find the software quite easy to use for changing colors. It’s simply a drop-down menu or clicking on the key that you want to change color on.

But the software is so much more than just RGB control. If you are looking for macro keys, you can actually map the F-keys to whatever you prefer.

To map an F-key, you can simply drag the action you want from the list to the F-key and bam, it’s done. You can also find different profiles for games by letting the software scan your computer for games and add the ones it finds to the list.

In the profile-settings, you are also able to disable any key on the keyboard that you want.

Let’s say you wanted to disable caps lock while playing a certain game, you do that. When you then start that game, the profile will be enabled, and the key will be disabled. You can, of course, create your own profiles without it being based on a game.

Overall, I find that the Logitech Gaming Software is one of the most versatile software’s out there.

I find it easier to your than the Razer one and Corsair’s is something I don’t even bother with. The settings can be synced with all your Logitech peripherals too.

I just wished that Logitech would work more with other companies such as Asus or MSI. I would love to have the keyboard synced with the RGB on my computer.

Performance in Games

So, how is the G810 to play games with? As I said before, the Romer-G switches are similar to MX Brown which means that they are ideal for the middle-ground. However, they are more towards gaming and performs better in that environment than in longer Word-documents.

The Romer-G switches are made for gaming and they are fast to respond to my clicks and actions on the keyboard. I can easily run around in Overwatch trying to hit anything that moves (the keyboard doesn’t make you a better gamer, I know).

In games such as World of Warcraft, where you can spam one single key in a boss-fight, the G810 does a great job. Never did I miss a cooldown and the keyboard simply performed as expected. It really doesn’t matter what type of game you play because the Romer-G switches are made for them all. They give some feedback and are pretty quiet, so you can game on long nights without waking up your partner.

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