Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi [10 Seconds FIX]

I guess you have planned to stream your favourite show on your Samsung TV however, you can’t connect Wi-Fi to your TV for unknown reasons.

If you are going through such a situation then I can help you solve your problem If you stick with me for a couple of minutes.

So, How to Fix Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi?

In order to fix Samsung TV not connecting to Wi-Fi, you can:

  1. Reset Samsung TV Network Settings
  2. Make sure your router is turned on
  3. Power Cycle your TV
  4. Update the firmware
  5. Set the DNS settings manually

Want to know more about these methods? Let’s jump into each of these methods and talk about them in detail.

1. Reset the Network in your Samsung TV:

To reset the network in your Samsung Smart TV, go to “Settings > General > Network > Reset Network” and complete the process.

If you can’t connect your Wi-Fi to your Samsung TV, just resetting the network will fix the issue.

This is a feature offered by Samsung itself If you ever face issues with your wireless or even wired networks. After resetting the network, you’ll have to enter the password of your Wi-Fi network.

Take note of your Wi-Fi password before resetting it.

I would highly recommend you follow this method If you ever face any issues related to Wi-Fi in your Samsung TV.

It is effective and could save a lot of your time.

2. Check If the router is turned on:

If you are not able to connect Wi-Fi to your Samsung TV, make sure you have turned on the router or not. You also need to confirm the router isn’t too far away from your TV or else your TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

In many cases, people forget to turn on the router when they are back home from college or job.

Simply checking if it is turned on will save a lot of effort and your time.

If it is turned on, you need to ensure that the distance between your Samsung TV and the router isn’t too far because Wi-Fi routers have limitations to cover the distance and deliver a speed and fast internet experience.

Bring the router close to your Samsung TV If you want to stream anything seamlessly.

3. Power Cycle your Samsung TV:

If you are having any Wi-Fi issues with your Samsung TV, turn off your TV and then unplug it from the power outlet for at least 60 seconds. After that, turn it on as usual and the problem of Wi-Fi not connecting will be gone.

The process which I have just mentioned seems like a simple restart however, it is not. It is called as “Power Cycle”.

I’ve talked about Power Cycle a lot of times on GamingSimplified but let me briefly talk about it here for you.

“Power Cycle is the process of draining all the residual power from your TV to prevent any hardware damage or fix any existing issue in your TV”.

By performing Power Cycle, you can fix audio/ video, sound, network, or any type of issue you are currently facing your TV and it isn’t limited to Samsung TV. You can try this on TV of any brand and it’ll definitely help you solve your problem.

4. Update the firmware to fix the Wi-Fi issue in Samsung TV:

To update the firmware in your Samsung TV, just go to “Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now” and confirm the action to complete the update.

You may already know that firmware updates bring you a lot of new and cool features but most of them don’t know it can also fix any bugs the firmware may have.

And that’s the reason it is highly recommended to stay up-to-date. Updating the firmware will not only fix your Wi-FI issue, but it’ll also get rid of audio, video or any other issues your Samsung TV may have.

As you are not able to connect to Wi-Fi right now, you can download and install the update on your Samsung TV in 2 ways i.e Via Ethernet or USB drive.

To Connect Ethernet (LAN) to your Samsung TV, you have to:

  • Connect the LAN cable from your modem to your Samsung TV.
  • Next, open the settings in your TV and tap on “General”.
  • Now, select “Network” and then click on “Open Network Settings”.
  • And finally, select the “Wired” option and complete the process.

Now that you have connected the Internet to your Samsung TV, visit the official website of Samsung to download the update. After that, install the update by following the instructions which I’ve shared above.

Installing the firmware update via USB drive:

  • Open your computer and then go to, select your country and download the update for your TV model.
  • Copy-paste the file into any of your USB drives.
  • Now, plug the USB drive in your TV, turn it on and go to “Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now” and the update will be completed.

When you insert the USB drive into your Samsung TV, it’ll automatically start the update process. In case, that doesn’t happen, you can follow what I’ve mentioned above.

After updating the firmware in your Samsung TV, you’ll be able to connect to Wi-Fi and do whatever you want.

5. Set the DNS Manually:

To set the DNS manually in your Samsung TV, you have to:

  • Open the “Settings” menu in your remote.
  • Now, select “Network” and then, tap on “Network Status”.
  • After that, click on “IP Settings” and change it “Enter Manually”.
  • Finally, enter the DNS value i.e, and wait for the process to complete.

Sometimes you may encounter issues in the DNS settings of your Samsung Smart TV that would lead to issues like the one you have right now.

To fix the issue, you’ve to change the DNS settings from automatic to manual and enter the right value.

If you have no idea what a DNS is, then you should read this article from Fortinet. It’ll clear all of your doubts on DNS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why does my Samsung smart TV keep buffering?

If the contents in your Samsung Smart TV keep keeping, then you may have a weak internet connection. Make sure your Wi-Fi is strong and fast enough to stream any content seamlessly.

2. How do I check if my Samsung Smart TV is connected to Internet?

With the “Network Status” feature, you can easily check If your Samsung TV is connected to the Internet or not. Open the “Settings > General > Network > Network Status”.


You miss a lot of fun when you can’t connect Wi-Fi to your Samsung Smart TV as you won’t be streaming your favorite movies or shows on YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

After reading this post, I’m pretty sure you can easily connect Wi-Fi to your Samsung TV by following any of the above-mentioned methods.

Let me know which method helped you solve the Wi-Fi issue in the comments. Cheers!

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