Razer Raptor 27, a Monitor with a Great-Looking Base (and RGB)

Razer is a company that I’m sure you are aware of if you are a gamer. The gaming-centered company has been making peripherals and laptops for a long time but has, in the latest years, expanded their market. At CES 2019, they are showing their new monitor, the Razer Raptor 27 which, according to Razer, is the ultimate e-sport gaming display.

The monitor is a 27”-inch IPS panel. It has 1ms response time, 144hz and FreeSync. Razor also says that they are working with Nvidia to come out with a model with G-sync as well. The monitor is supposedly also great for content creators as the color accuracy is 95% DCI-p3 as well as 420 nits. The last means that the monitor support HDR 400.

But we have seen all of this before, what is Razer doing to stand out from the crowd? They have thought of a few things but in true Razor-fashion, the most important is the RGB. The base has RGB in it, which you can sync with the rest of your peripherals, of course, making your gaming desktop to a true RGB light show.

It’s also possible to tilt the display 90 degrees, making a lot easier to reach the ports on the back, which usually is a hassle. Speaking about sports, you’ll find a DisplayPort, an HDMI, a USB-C with video capability as well as two USB ports. What Razer thinks is that you put in keyboard and mouse to the monitor and then run a single USB-C cable from the monitor to your computer.

Lastly, the base is forged aluminum and very sturdy. It also has cool cable management that you can see from the back of the monitor. I also think that those green cables are extensions that come with the monitor so that you can have the companies main color on the back of your monitor.

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