Why Is Your MSFS Throttle Not Working? Let’s Find Out!

Without a properly functioning throttle of MSFS, it’s impossible to adjust the speed of the aircraft during takeoff, cruising, or landing. It is the main control of the power output of an aircraft engine. So it can be a worrying issue when the throttle starts to malfunction.

But why is your MSFS throttle not working?

Specific control mapping requirements, conflicting add-ons being open, hardware issues, or improper calibration could be the reason behind your msfs throttle not working. Sometimes throttle can stop working from your mouse hovering over ATC or Autopilot Window. Changing the throttle axis solves the throttle problem in most cases but other times it involves some additional work.

Want to know how you change the throttle axis or use other techniques to solve the issue? Then keep on reading-

Why is the MSFS Throttle Not Working?

msfs throttle not responding
Source: Airliners.net

There are several reasons why the throttle in MSFS may not be working correctly. Improper calibration issues, hardware issues, and software conflicts are mostly behind this.

There are other reasons behind it as well, but whatever it might be, it is just as annoying as msfs having no sound issue. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind the issue-   

Reason 1: Specific Controller Mapping Requirement

Some aircraft in MSFS require their controller mapping to be set as throttle 1 Axis instead of the default throttle axis. This is true in case of the user decides to just map a single throttle axis to operate several engines.

Aircraft that are native to MSFS appear unaffected. However, this issue appears to be particularly prevalent in aircraft like the JustFlight Hawk T1, Sonex JSX-2, Skywaves Amphibious, Indiafoxtecho MB338, Gloster Meteor by Rob Richardson, and other third-party aircraft.

In order to check which axis is assigned to control you need to open the game and go to the Options menu. Then click on Controls and select the control profile that you are using. After that go to the category and look for the control assigned to the throttle.

Reason 2: Navigraph or Other Add-ons Window Opened 

If you have installed an add-on like Fenix A320 vs flybywire that modifies the flight model or the way that the game interacts with your hardware, it’s possible that it could cause the throttle to not work.

Addons are a great way to add new features and content to MSFS. But they can sometimes conflict with the game’s default settings or cause compatibility issues with other add-ons.

Source: Navigraph

For example, the Navigraph window is an optional third-party add-on for MSFS that displays a map of flight plans and other navigational information. 

Keeping the Navigraph window open should not stop the throttle from working in MSFS. Because it doesn’t directly affect the functionality of the game or the controller inputs.

But having multiple applications open simultaneously can conflict with other programs running on your system. And as a result, the MSFS throttle stops taking commands.

Reason 3: Mouse Hovering Over AutoPilot Window or ATC

Sometimes the reason behind the throttle not responding can be as simple as the mouse hovering over Autopilot Window or ATC etc.

Although this is quite unlikely several gamers have reported this issue behind their throttle not working. This was a common issue in the beta testing of the game.

Reason 4: Installing Buggy Update

Installing buggy updates causes this throttle issue as well. Several gamers complained about their throttle not working after a recent upgrade. In most cases, the game fails to recognize the throttle completely.

So if you have upgraded to a newer version recently it could be behind your throttle not working. Most users faced this issue after installing the update MSFS2020. Updates like SU10 or the World Update Canada XI seem to create this issue as well.

Reason 5: Hardware Issues

If there is a problem with the physical hardware of the throttle, such as a loose connection or a malfunctioning component, it may not work correctly in the game.

At the same time, your hardware needs to be recognized by MSFS as well. You can  check this by going to the settings menu in the game and selecting the “Controls” tab. If your device is not listed, then that’s the reason your throttle is not working.

Reason 6: Calibration Issues

Your throttle may not function properly in MSFS due to calibration issues. The game might not allow your aircraft to reach its maximum speed or operate it properly if it interprets the throttle as half-open whereas it is in fact fully open.

When you calibrate your throttle, its full range of motion is established, allowing it to output 100% power when fully opened and 0% output when fully closed. This guarantees that the throttle in the game responds accurately.

How to Fix the MSFS throttle not working?

You can fix issues like the mouse hovering over by simply moving the mouse away. And for hardware issues like loose components, you need to remove the wire and connect it properly.

But if mouse hovering or hardware weren’t the reason behind your MSFS throttle not working then let’s check what you can do in the following section-

Solution 1: Change the Throttle Axis to the Throttle 1 Axis 

This solution seems to solve most of the gamer’s issues with the throttle not working. In order to change the throttle axis follow the steps one by one:

  • First, open MSFS and go to the Options menu. You will notice the Controls tab in there, you need to select that option. 
  • Next in the top right corner of the screen, select the correct controller according to the one you need to change.
  • After that scroll down to the section labeled as “Throttle” and look for “Throttle Axis”. Now click on the dropdown menu next to “Throttle Axis” and select “Throttle 1 Axis.” Make sure that the correct input device is selected for Throttle 1 Axis.
  • After that Click on Apply & Save to save the new change. Once you are done saving, test the throttle to make sure that it is now working properly.

Solution 2: Assign Two Different Throttle 

If the first solution didn’t fix your throttle problem then you should try assigning two throttles at once. Follow the steps below to do this accordingly-

  • First, go to the Control option and select the correct controller according to the one you need to change.
  • Then in the Search bar, you need to search for Throttle. In Throttle, you will be able to see the assigned Throttle Axis. 
  • Next, you need to scroll down, you will notice Throttle 1,2,3,4, and others which refer to the engines they are assigned.
Assign Two Different Throttle
Source: Aerosoft Forum
  • You need to click on Throttle Axis 1, which will open a small window with the option to select the axis for the engine.
  • Click on the Search icon, it will give the warning message “ This is already assigned somewhere”.when the message appears you need to select the option Validate and the throttle will then be assigned for engine 1.
  •  For the 2nd engine scroll down and select Throttle 2 Axis and click on the Search icon.
  • It will show two items in the list here as well, you need to click on the Validate option. After this, you will be able to see that engines 1 and 2 both have specific throttles assigned to them.
  • Once you see the assigned throttle click on Apply & Save. Once the saving is complete, test the throttle to make sure that it is now working properly.

Solution 3: Install the Previous Version

If your throttle seems to stop working only after you have installed the new update then we suggest uninstalling this version and reinstalling the previous update.

A couple of users have reverted back to their previous version and were able to fix the throttle not working issue. But do this only after trying the first two solutions. 

Solution 4: Removing Add-Ons

If you suspect that the new add-ons are creating the throttle not working properly you should uninstall them. 

Instead, try to opt for ones that have been in the market for a long time and are highly recommended by gamers. Also, avoid the free ones, sometimes paying extra money can save you a lot of hassle. Little NavMap, PMDG 737, AddonsLinker, Fenix A320, and flyby wire are known as absolutely must-have add-ons among gamers. 

You may need to try them one by one to see which one best works for you. But while you are trying new add-ons you can also try FSLTL for missing planes, Global AI Ship Traffic, We Love VFR, Powerlines, and Solar Farm as well.

Solution 5: Use the DIView Calibration Tool

If none of the above solutions worked, then you might have a calibration issue. In order to fix the problem you will require the DIView calibration tool. It is a third-party calibration tool that is used to calibrate controllers and resolve issues related to controller calibration.

 Here’s how you can use it to solve the calibration issue in your game-

  • First, download the DIView calibration tool from the DIView website. Once the download is complete.
  • Next, you need to plug in your throttle controller to your computer.
  • After that, launch the DIView and look for the “Options” menu and click on it. From there select the “Auto-Select Interface” option. This will detect your controller automatically.
  • Now, click on the “Calibrate” button to start the calibration process. You need to follow the on-screen instructions one by one to calibrate your throttle. Make sure to move the throttle through its full range of motion to ensure accurate calibration.
  • Once the calibration is complete, close DIView and launch MSFS. In MSFS, go to the Controls menu and check whether your throttle is now working correctly.

Solution 6: Update Your Drivers & Game

Ensuring your drivers and game versions are always up to date keeps the game working smoothly. Check the manufacturer’s website for any new driver updates  available. And for game updates check the Microsoft Store or Steam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Can the throttle Power be Increased in MSFS?

The A button’s default function is to boost the throttle’s power. It can be used to speed up the plane when it’s in the air or on the ground and raise its altitude. You hold down the A button until you achieve your desired rpm before releasing it.

Can a faster SSD improve the graphics performance of MSFS?

No, upgrading to a faster SSD won’t necessarily improve the graphics performance. But, in some open-world games with codebases that load in new locations and textures as you play, it can result in an improvement. For better graphics performance in MSFS, upgrading your CPU and GPU is typically more beneficial.

What is the Minimum RAM Requirement for MSFS?

The minimum system requirements for MSFS specify at least 8GB of RAM. But this is the bare minimum, which runs the risk of experiencing performance issues. To run MSFS smoothly, it is recommended to have at least 16GB of RAM, preferably 32GB or more if you can afford it. Having more RAM helps the game to run more smoothly and prevents issues such as stuttering, freezing, and crashing.

End Words

That was the end of our discussion on the MSFS throttle not working. Hopefully, you found out what was causing this problem in your game. And got your throttle back working using one of our several solutions provided above.

But if none of the above solutions work you should contact customer service regarding this issue and can even take a further step by uninstalling the whole game and reinstalling it.

Until next time!

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