How to cancel BritBox on Roku account? 3 Methods

BritBox is one of the most popular TV streaming services that mainly focuses on British TV shows, movies, web series, live TV, and more.

It also offers you a seven-day free trial, which means a customer can use BritBox for 7 days without paying a dime. $6.99 per month to use BritBox services.

How to cancel BritBox on Roku account: Top Best 3 Methods

How do I cancel a Roku subscription?

If you have a BritBox subscription and want to cancel it, so there are three different ways to cancel your BritBox subscription on Roku TV.

You can use one of them to cancel BritBox subscription. So, select manage subscription and cancel your BritBox subscription. We’ve created a simple step-by-step guide.

Cancel BritBox subscription using a Roku device

Turn on the Roku device and tap the home button.

Go to your channels and select BritBox.

Press the star {*} on the remote control and tap Manage subscription.

In the pop-up window, tap the Unsubscribe button.

Tap Cancel subscription again to confirm cancellation of BritBox subscription.

Click Done to complete the cancellation process.

Congratulations! Your BritBox subscription has been successfully canceled.

Cancel BritBox subscription via the Roku website

Visit the Roku website and sign in to your Roku account.

Go to Account Management > Subscription Management.

Select a BritBox and click the Unsubscribe button.

Click Yes, and unsubscribe to complete the unsubscribe process.

You have now successfully canceled your BritBox subscription on the Roku remote. However, you can continue to enjoy BritBox until your previous subscription expires and is automatically canceled.

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Cancel BritBox subscription via the BritBox website

First, launch the web browser on your PC.

Then visit the website with the URL to sign in

Now log in with your username and password.

After that, tap on Account in the top-right corner of the BritBox website.

Now click on the “Manage” button under the “Subscription & Billing” section.

Select and click Cancel Subscription to cancel your BritBox subscription.

Now click on the “Yes, Cancel” button to complete the cancellation process.

How to cancel BritBox from the Android app

BritBox can also be canceled in the Android app, here’s how:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Click on the menu icon.
  3. Select “Account”
  4. Click the link in the Subscription and Billing section.
  5. This link will take you to BritBox’s mobile-friendly website.
  6. Click on “Cancel Subscription”.
  7. Yes, select Cancel.

How to cancel BritBox on iOS devices

To cancel BritBox subscription from your iPad, iPod or iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings”
  2. Select “iTunes and App Store”.
  3. Tap your Apple ID
  4. Click View Apple ID.
  5. Go to “Subscriptions”.
  6. Select BritBox
  7. Select “Cancel Subscription”.

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Is it easy to unsubscribe from BritBox?

Enter your email address and password when prompted. Select Subscriptions. In the Active section, select BritBox. Select Cancel Subscription.

Where do I find my subscriptions on Roku?

To view your trial end date or next bill date, update your payment method, or cancel a subscription purchased through a Roku device, sign in to your Roku account at Click Manage Subscriptions and select HISTORY Vault to view, change, or update your subscription.

How much is a BritBox subscription on Roku?

You must cancel your BritBox subscription on Roku TV before the end of the trial period to avoid being charged. A premium subscription is prepaid and the current billing period auto-renews monthly at $6.99 per month until canceled. Fees are non-refundable.

Does BritBox offer refunds after cancellations?

After cancellation, you will not receive a refund. You have access to BritBox Services until the end of the billing cycle.

Will the free trial version of BritBox automatically upgrade to a paid subscription?

Yes, your 7-day free trial will automatically renew to a paid subscription unless you cancel at least 24 hours before your trial expires.

How long is the BritBox contract?

No contract. Cancel at any time.


So, in the above article, we have found out how to cancel BritBox subscription using a Roku streaming device, the Roku website, and also BritBox’s official website.

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