SteelSeries Rival 600 Features the New TrueMove3+ Sensor

SteelSeries is at it again. Their Rival-series of mice is one of the most popular gaming mice (if not THE most popular) on the market.

The Rival-series spans from the Rival 100 to the Rival 700 with many models in between. SteelSeries is now taking a new step forward in the right direction with the new Rival 600 which feature their new TrueMove3+ Sensor.

SteelSeries Rival 600

I know that you’ve been there. You accidentally lift the mouse a couple of millimeters and the headshot you were about to make is nowhere to be seen.

Lifting the mouse will make your mouse cursor move and in the Rival 600, SteelSeries is trying to solve this problem with the new TrueMove3+ Sensor. The TrueMove3+ is using two sensors under the mouse for better accuracy.

One of the sensors is the primary sensor, doing the normal stuff that sensors do. Then, there is a depth sensor that is measuring how far from the mousepad the mouse is.

Using this second sensor, it’s possible for the mouse to understand that you are lifting your mouse up and it will then keep the cursor at the same spot as it was before lifting it.

For those of you who lift your mouse regularly during playing, this could be a game changer.

The Rival 600 does also come with extra weights. Since there is no mouse that fits everybody, SteelSeries include eight weights that are 4 grams each. This gives the player the opportunity to play around with different weights to see what suits them the best.

The Rival 600

Talking about customization, the mouse is of course filled with RGB.

There is a total of eight RGB zones on the mouse which you can customize in the SteelSeries Engine, which is one of the best software’s when it comes to gaming peripherals.

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