Logitech G900 Wireless Mouse Review

If you are looking for a wireless mouse that doesn’t let you suffer while playing games, the Logitech G900 is perfect. There is no difference between wired and wireless. The removable buttons on both sides makes this mouse great for both right- and left-handers. It has the hyper-fast scrolling for quickly scrolling in documents or long texts. The battery life is decent with almost two weeks. It’s simply a great gaming mouse.

Wired peripherals are the king of gaming and have been for many years. However, during the last year, wireless peripherals has become much more popular. No longer do we want those pesky cables on our desk. The big drawback is the latency that wireless peripherals come with.

The Logitech G900 is here to change that. This wireless mouse is here to tell you that you can trust on wireless mice. It features customization, RGB, great switches and is very light. The only question that remains to ask is if you are ready to put your trust in a gaming mouse of this caliber? You should!


The Logitech G900 looks like many other mice but with a bit more aggressive look. It has a big G on it that features full RGB, so it can match your setup perfectly. The mouse is incredibly light at just 107 grams. The way that Logitech has been able to do that is by using a lot of plastic around the mouse. Fortunately, they have also given the plastic an interesting look and feel. The plastic doesn’t feel cheap and I am fully okay with this.

To be able to save as much weight as possible, Logitech has been working a lot with the internals of the mouse. The visible part is the scroll wheel, which is hollow. The scroll wheel still features hyper-fast scrolling which Logitech-users has grown to love so the functions are still there. Also, it looks pretty cool with a hollow scroll wheel, don’t you think?

On top of the mouse, just in front of the scroll wheel, we the button that enables the hyper scroll and two buttons that will change the DPI of the mouse. Moving on to the sides, we find something interesting. On both sides, there are two buttons that can be removed. The buttons are using magnets and thus, they can be removed if you prefer to have nothing there. There is an included cover for each side. This also means that this mouse can be used with both left and right hand without losing any button.

Under the mouse, we find the profile button. This button can circle around up to five profiles that are saved in the mouse itself. You set it up using the Logitech Gaming Software and then just press the button to select a profile. I can see this being used if you are switching between computers and only have the software installed on one of them.

A micro-USB connector is in the front, ready for a cable. The Logitech G900 is first and foremost a wireless mouse but if you want that stable wire, you can hook it up to the computer with the included cable and the mouse will use the wire for data instead. It will also charge the mouse.

Well the design may not make it the best gaming mouse for pinky rest. But it has a good feel to it.

Features & Performance

The biggest feature with the G900 is the wireless functionality. Once in a while, a product reaches the market that is changing it forever and when it comes to wireless mice, it’s clear that that product is the Logitech G900. Using this mouse in a game like Overwatch, it’s impossible to notice any latency difference between the G900 or the SteelSeries Rival 700. Never once, did I feel that the mouse limited my way of playing.

According to Logitech, the mouse will last about 30 hours of use with the G turned off and if you want to have the G lit up 24 hours. I was able to use the mouse for almost two full weeks before it needed a charge, which is good enough for a wireless mouse in my opinion.

There is a total of 11 buttons on the G900, all of them programmable. Having four buttons being removable, you are able to customize the mouse both physically and in the software. The G is featuring full RGB, but I could have lived without it for a better battery. Logitech is at least giving you the option to turn it off completely if you want.

The sensor that Logitech is using Pixart’s PMW3366, which is famous for being the best optical sensor for gaming. If you have ever used a mouse with this sensor, you know why. After having calibrated the G900 for my mousepad, I started Overwatch and was able to pawn (or get pawned, read it how you want) players with a smooth experience. The mouse is doing what I want when I want it.

One thing to note is that there is a long distance for the switches on the G900 than on previous models like the G502. The result is that I am not able to click as fast on the G900 as with the G502. It’s not a deal breaker, cooldowns are usually not ready anyway but if you like to just spam the mouse, you will do that a bit slower.

Logitech G900 – Product Review

Features – 4*

Hyper-fast scrolling, multiple buttons which can be removed, RGB and wireless!

Design – 4*

While it’s noticeable that it’s a gaming mouse, it’s still has a discrete and clean look.

Game Performance – 5*

This is, simply put, the best wireless gaming mouse as of writing this review.

Who Should Buy the Logitech G900?

While the mouse is handling any good in a great way, with smooth controls and little to no latency, I feel that playing FPS games is better for this mouse than anything else. You have a great sensor underneath that can handle quick reactions and acceleration. For Overwatch, I can quickly turn around and shoot. For someone who wants a wireless mouse and is playing a lot of FPS games, the G900 is perfect.

It’s not a bad mouse for any other type of game either but FPS games are where it matters the most. Because of the longer travel distance for the switches, I fired up Diablo 3, which is a very click-intense game. Running around in act 3 with my templar, I felt that I wanted to click faster than the mouse could. It wouldn’t have mattered anything to the game, cooldowns and all that. It just didn’t feel as good.


But as with anything else, there isn’t one product for everyone. Logitech has taken all that they learned on the G900 and placed in a smaller, cheaper format that they call the G403. You will still get RGB and the famous PMW3366 sensor. The  is also wireless but there is no longer the option to use cable for data transfer. It also looks like more traditional mice and is more ergonomic than the G900.

If you are looking for more customization and more settings to play with, the  is perfect. With a small OLED-screen, tactile alerts, full RGB and the option to 3D print your own name on it, the Rival 700 is one of the better mice on the market. You are also able to swap out the sensor in the Rival 700 to suit your gaming style better.


It’s clear that Logitech wanted to do something that many others just dreamed of. With the G900, they have revolutionized the wireless market. Since the release of the G900, many others have been jumping on the wireless train and today, we have a big smorgasbord of wireless mice.

Yet, the G900 does deliver. There isn’t much that is wrong about this mouse, if anything really. Maybe they could have included some weights for those who don’t like the light weight of the G900. On the other hand, I feel that more of us want a light mouse than a heavy mouse.

For FPS gaming, the G900 is perfect. There are simply no bad things to say about it. It’s the slower click that can be argued but that will also depend on your playstyle. There is no game that is taking advantage of clicking faster than the mouse can handle, it’s more about how you feel.

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