Lenovo Showing 240Hz QHD Monitor & 44” 144Hz Ultrawide

Lenovo is showing off two of their newest monitors at CES 2019. A 27” monitor with 2560×1440 and 240Hz refresh rate and a huge 44” ultrawide monitor with 144Hz refresh rate. Lenovo has thought about gaming with these monitors and reading the spec sheet, that’s easy to see.


Let’s start with the smaller model, the Lenovo Y27GQ, a 27”-inch monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440. The panel is a TN panel, which is the only way that Lenovo is able to bump the refresh rate up to 240Hz. The response time is just 0.5ms and on top of this, the monitor support G-Sync.

The monitor supports full ergonomically functionality like life, tilt, pivot and swivel. It has a built-in USB 3.0-hub as well as a built-in headset hook that you can have your headset while not in use. Small things like this make this monitor very nice.

Lenovo 2

Lenovo is also jumping on the hype-train with ultrawide and is showing their new Lenovo Y44w, a 43.4” monitor with the resolution 3840×1200 and 144hz refresh rate. At this size, the monitor has to be curved, which the Y44w is, at 1288R curvature. If you are wondering are curved monitors good for gaming – here is our opinion!

As if all this wasn’t enough, the monitor does support AMD FreeSync for even smoother gaming performance.

It also has a feature that I’ve not seen before on a monitor. Under the monitor, you can pop out two USB 3.0 ports as well as audio. If they are not used, you can pop them up, so they are not visible. It looks like a great way to have a hidden USB-hub close by. Why has no one thought of this before?

Lenovo 3

Something that both monitors have in common is the Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers that are coming with them. Instead of having a bad speaker built in, they include a detachable speaker that you mount on the base of the monitor.

You can then connect it with a computer or a phone and listen to music while gaming. At least that is what Lenovo think that you’ll do. I appreciate the effort as I can see this speaker being used more than built-in speakers.

Both monitors will be released in April for an MSRP of $999 for the Y27gq and $1199 for the Y44w.

Lenovo 4

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