How to Use Laptop as Monitor in 2024 [Windows, PS4, Xbox]

It has been a common scenario that while working on your desktop you wish you could connect your laptop and use it as a monitor to avoid swapping between screens on your laptop.

With technologies advancing rapidly it is now possible to expand your screen by using your laptop as a monitor. In this article today we will guide and tell you how it is done.

So, How to Use Laptop as Monitor?

In order to Use Laptop as Monitor, Miracast feature on the Windows device can be used, steps for which are as followed:

  1. Open the settings app and click on “systems option” and select the Projecting to the PC tab option on the left-hand side
  2. Select the first drop-down menu which comes under “Windows and Android devices can project to this PC”
  3. Now select the option Available everywhere on secure networks (which means your home WiFi)
  4. Now press the Windows Key + P
  5. Select extend and click on ok
  6. Now select Connect to a wireless display option
  7. Your laptops name will now appear and you can select it and click on ok

Your laptop should now turn into a monitor using the Miracast feature. However, there are other ways of using a laptop as a monitor for other devices.

How to use your Laptop as a Monitor on Windows 10?

To use your Laptop as a Monitor on a Windows 10 operating system you will have to do go into the Display Settings and select the monitor that will become your primary display. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Bring the respective cable connection which will get your laptop connected to the computer such as HDMI, mini display port, display port, etc
  2. Go to Settings and open the menu
  3. Now go to Display and click on Select and Rearrange displays
  4. If your laptop is connected to your computer using the display cable then here in the display you will be able to see all the screens
  5. Click on the screen that you wish to turn into a monitor. In case you are not sure which is the right screen then click on identify
  6. A unique number will pop out now to signify each of the displays
  7. Once you are done click on apply
  8. Now scroll down to Multiple displays
  9. Click on the dropdown and choose the option Extend these displays
  10. Now click on the screen which you would like to use as your main display (laptop or computer)
  11. Click on confirm and then ok

Your laptop can now be used as a monitor on Windows 10. If you are thinking using a tv as a monitor, you can check out our guide. Also, you can check our guide on the best monitor settings for eyes

How To Use laptop as Desktop Monitor

To use a laptop as a display for a desktop system, you will need to establish a connection between both the computers and then project from the desktop to the laptop. The process is very simple and is explained below.

  1. On the laptop, click on Start and then navigate to Settings
  2. In the Settings menu, look for the System option
  3. Click on it and then go to Projecting to this PC option
  4. You will see Add a Wireless Display option with a menu for Optional Features
  5. Click on it, select Add a Feature and then enter Wireless Display
  6. Select from a list of results shown and then click on Install
  7. Once the Wireless Display is installed, go to the Projecting to this PC option in Settings
  8. Now on your Desktop, look for the Connect app. You can type it in the search box in case you don’t know where it is
  9. Once you open the Connect App, your laptop should also be listed there since you enabled the wireless option
  10. Click on your laptop name. You might be required to enter a PIN on both machines. This is a security measure required during the pairing process
  11. On the desktop, click on Connect and accept the request on the laptop. You should get a confirmation once the connection has been made successfully
  12. On the desktop, open the Display Settings
  13. In the Display menu, select Extend Display
  14. This should help you display content from the desktop to the laptop

Now you can use your laptop as monitor or can use laptop as a second monitor. Sometimes if you are using a chromebook you may face hp chromebook won’t turn on issue, but don’t worry we have an easy fix for that!

How to use a laptop as a monitor for ps4

To use a laptop as a monitor for ps4, you will need to connect both devices using an HDMI cable, download the Remote Play app from the Sony website or phone app stores. Here are the detailed steps to establish the connection.

  1. On your laptop, you will first need to install the Remote Play App from the Sony website or your phone’s app store. Do note that the app needs to be compatible with your laptop
  2. After the app is installed and opened on your laptop, go to your PS4 and visit the settings section
  3. From the Function screen, you can access the Settings page
  4. Click on Remote Play Connection Settings and then click on Enable Remote Play
  5. Once this is done, go to the Playstation Network setting. Click on Account Management and enable Active as Primary PS4
  6. Now you need a USB cable to connect the laptop to the PS4 controller
  7. On the PS4 controller, press and hold the Share and Playstation buttons. You will see a light flashing on the device
  8. Now put the USB cable into the laptop and make sure the other end is connected to the PS4 controller
  9. In a few seconds, both the laptop and the PS4 controller should get paired
  10. Once this is done, open the Remote Play app on the laptop
  11. Log into your Playstation account and then you should see your PS4 listed there
  12. Click on it and you will be welcomed to the PS4 console screen

This means that the PS4 is connected to the laptop and you can control the gaming console directly through the laptop with the help of the PS4 controller.

How to use a laptop as a monitor for Microsoft Xbox?

You can connect a laptop as a monitor to the Xbox in two ways – one with an HDMI cable and the other through a wifi connection. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how you can make the connection. 

You can also refer to our guide on How To Use Laptop as Monitor For Xbox One

With an HDMI cable

  1. Use an HDMI cable and connect the output port of the HDMI cable to the Xbox and the input port to the laptop
  2. Power on the Xbox
  3. Xbox will automatically detect the connection and connect to the laptop as its display

With a wireless connection

  1. Download the Xbox app and DirectX 1 on your laptop
  2. Make sure that the Xbox and the laptop are connected to the same wireless connection
  3. On the laptop, launch the Xbox app
  4. Go to the Settings option and select the Connection menu
  5. Choose the right Xbox device and click on Stream
  6. Once you do that, the laptop display should connect to the Xbox

How to use your Macbook as a Monitor?

To turn your laptop Macbook into a monitor, you will have to first connect the MacBook to the computer using the ports and an adapter. Once both the devices are connected using the cable, follow the below steps.

  1. Click on the apple icon on the top left corner of your MacBook
  2. Now click on system preferences and head to Displays
  3. Now click on the Arrangement tab and here ensure that the Mirror Displays is not selected
  4. Now arrange your displays by dragging them to the position you desire

Your Macbook can now be used as a monitor.

How to use two laptops as a monitor for each other?

Technically, you will not be able to connect two laptops to each other and use their display interchangeably. The problem in doing this is that the HDMI port on laptops is an output-only system. So, even if you do connect the two laptops with an HDMI port, there is no input functionality for the second laptop. Therefore, it is better to use an external monitor or use a laptop as a display to another desktop.

What are the Advantages of Using a Laptop as a Monitor?

Just expanding the screen on your desktop isn’t the only reason why you should use a Laptop as a monitor. There are many other reasons why you should do that such as 

  1. You Can Multitask 
  2. More Real Estate 
  3. Wider image while viewing documents
  4. Great for Graphics related work
  5. Better viewing experience

You can Multitask– By using your laptop as a monitor you can go into a split-screen mode which means you can view two documents at the same time or compare two projects simultaneously. Or maybe you can be on a call on one screen and continue your work on the second screen. This setting helps you to stop toggling between different applications at the same time.

More Real Estate– By using your laptop as a monitor you get more real estate to work on which means while you continue doing your primary work on your desktop you can have your other screens open on your laptop. You can use your laptop to do your research and your desktop to compose the work.

Wider image while viewing documents – With the laptop converted into a monitor it gets easier to view documents on the larger screen as you don’t have to scroll from top to bottom of the screen. Rather the entire document easily fits into the monitor screen and you can read and understand it carefully.

Great for graphics-related work – For those who are in the designing industry or photography industry than using your laptop as a monitor is the best option for you. By doing so it becomes easier for you to edit or work on the pictures /graphics which helps you in delivering sharp and professional work.

Better viewing experience – Needless to say, that the viewing experience on a larger screen compared to a smaller screen is always better and exciting. By concerning your laptop into a monitor your movie viewing experience or your gaming experience is better.

What happens if you do not have the right cable or USB port to connect the laptop and the computer?

To connect the laptop to a computer and use it as a monitor mainly depends on the right cable connection. Without a proper cable, the user will never be able to turn his laptop into a monitor. Most computers and laptops usually have HDMI or USB ports. However, if the laptops that you are using do not have any HDMI or UBS ports you can download the KVM software.

This software needs to be installed on both the computer and the desktop. The software acts as a bridge between both the devices and helps in connecting it post which you can use your laptop as a monitor.


So the next time you feel the need for an extra screen to complete your tasks or have fun watching your favorite movie, just turn your laptop into a monitor.

The steps and guidelines that we have discussed on this topic today will surely help you convert your laptop into a monitor the next time. We hope that you found today’s article useful and interesting. The steps we have provided will help and guide you the next time you get confused while turning your laptop into a second screen.

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