Razer Project Linda is a Laptop Made by a Phone

Last year, Razer made their first smartphone. It was focused towards gamers and is the first smartphone with a 120Hz refresh rate. But Razer doesn’t stop there.

At CES 2018, they showed off their latest creation. It’s a docking station that looks like a laptop.

“Project Linda” is what they call it. It looks like a Razer Blade and features the Blade’s keyboard, which is a good thing. The Blade has a great keyboard for both gaming and writing.

The cool thing comes when we take a look in front of the keyboard, there is no touchscreen.

Project Linda is no laptop. It’s simply a docking station that is made for your Razer phone. Where the touchpad is on most laptops, there is instead a big hole where the Razer Phone fits perfect.

With the press of a button, a USB-C connector will connect to the phone and you can then use Project Linda as any other laptop and can easily be used for textnow number tracking.

Razer Project Linda

The phone itself is the touchpad. Since the phone also features this high-quality display at 2560×1440 and 120Hz, Razer wants you to use it as a second display as well.

This means that you now have a laptop with two monitors, with a keyboard between them. I am not sure what kind of information that I should have on the phone while it’s docked but maybe I will be surprised.

There is also no other type of feature other than having the phone as a touchpad.

This is a cool concept, and, concept, it is. Razer says that it’s a prototype and may never be released, just as many of their other things they show off at CES.

I also like the idea of having a phone as a computer, it’s something that would be very handy for companies. But I am not sure if Razer is on the right track.

We’ll see how the future looks if they decide to release it to the market or if they go back to the drawing board with this new feedback.

And for those of you who wondering, no there are no reports of this device being stolen.

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