Nvidia Delivers 65-Inch, 4K, 120Hz AND G-Sync to Your Living Room

During Black Friday 2017, I purchased a new 4K TV from Sony. That is something that I regret now when I see what Nvidia is showing off on CES 2018.

Their focus on gaming in the living room is taking new heights with their new product line of huge monitors with 4K and 120Hz refresh rate, exactly what a gamer wants.

Nvidia calls is BFGS, which stands for Big Format Gaming Displays. The monitors are using Nvidia’s Android operating system that can be found in Nvidia Shields today.

The monitor will have a Shield built-in to take advantage of all the services and software that comes with that. On top of that, you will have access to Android Apps.

The big news about these monitors is the specifications. The monitors will be 65-inch in size and have 4K resolution, which is almost a must in today’s big screen market. They will support a refresh rate up to 120Hz so now you can finally play CS: GO in your living room (if that is something you have wanted).

On top of that, the monitors will also support Nvidia’s G-Sync to make the gaming experience better.


These monitors will be manufactured by other companies such as Acer, Asus, and HP.

They will come bundled with a Shield remote and a game controller for controlling the monitor and playing Android games.

On top of all this, the monitors will have a brightness of 1000 nit, giving them the possibility to HDR. Google Assistant will be present in all models for you to control everything using your voice.

There isn’t really anything that Nvidia hasn’t thought of (before we’ve seen it in action at least) and I can’t wait for these models to come out to the market.

There is, of course, no pricing and availability yet, but it’s said that we will we will see these monitors later this year at an unknown price as of yet.

Christoffer K

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