Why Am I Not Getting Snapchat Notifications in 2024? [FIXED]

Snapchat, despite being a giant company has a few issues like not getting the notifications properly and If you are facing the same issue, I’m going to help you solve it in the next couple of minutes.

So, Why am I not getting Snapchat notifications?

In our regular day life, we face several technical issues like apple music library not appearing or not getting Snapchat notification. As I said earlier, now I’ll talk about the second one.

The major reason behind you not getting Snapchat notifications is, that you may not have configured the notification properly in the settings of your device.

not getting Snapchat notifications

Apart from this, there are several reasons for not getting the notification on your phone and there are a few easy and practical ways to the fix the issue and that’s what I’m going to talk about in detail below.

Let’s get started.

So, How do you fix Snapchat notifications not working?

Some of the effective ways to fix Snapchat notifications not working are,

  1. Allow Snapchat notifications in the settings.
  2. Enable background data usage.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Check your internet connection.
  5. Clear cache.
  6. Update the app.
  7. Update the firmware of your device.

Let’s take a look at each solution in detail.

1. Allow Snapchat notifications in the settings

To Allow Snapchat notifications in the settings of your device, you should:

  1. On Android: Go to “Settings > Apps & Notifications > Snapchat > Notifications > Allow or Show Notifcations”.

  2. iPhone/ iPad: Go to “Settings > Notifications > Snapchat > Allow Notifications”.

If you have recently installed Snapchat on your Android/ iOS device or forgot to grant the notification permission in settings after installing the app, you may not get the notifications correctly.

Just follow the steps I have mentioned above and you’ll get the notifications on Snapchat just like any other app on your device.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you have enabled the notifications on your Snapchat app.

To enable notifications on the Snapchat app, you have to:

  • Open Snapchat on your device.
  • Tap on the profile icon.

  • Click on the “Settings” icon.

  • Select “Notifications” from the options and tap on “Enable Notifications”.

To know about this, I would suggest you watch this video.

2. Enable background data usage

To Enable background data usage of Snapchat on your device, you have to:

  1. On Android: Go to “Settings > Apps & Notifications > Snapchat > Mobile data & Wi-Fi” and turn on “Background data”.

  2. On iOS: Go to “Settings > General > Background App Refresh” and enable this feature for “Snapchat”.

If you don’t know what background data usage is, let me explain it to you about it briefly,

“Background data usage is a feature that refreshes the content of specific apps to get the latest information via mobile data or Wi-Fi while you are using not using them”

Background data usage is also known as background app refresh and background syncing.

A lot of people have different opinions about enabling background data usage on phones as it consumes a lot of mobile data however, If you want to fix the Snapchat notifications problem, you must enable it.

You can enable background data usage for specific apps just like I have done here for Snapchat so that you don’t lose your mobile data unnecessarily.

3. Restart your device

Restarting any device can solve different technical issues like Disney plus sound issues or Snapchat notification not coming. Now I’ll show how to restart your device, and fix the Snapchat notification issue:

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. Tap on “Power off”.
  3. Wait for 1 minute after turning it off.
  4. Now press the power button again to turn on the device.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the notification issues of Snapchat is, restarting the device.

Due to some technical issues with Snapchat, you may not get the notifications properly, and restarting your device is a simple yet effective way to solve it.

If you have the option of “Restart” on your mobile like many Android phones, you can use that feature and If there is no such feature, you can follow the steps I have shared.

Not only this issue, but you’ll also get rid of many other technical issues with your phone when you restart it.

 4. Check your internet connection

 To check the status of your internet connection, simply open Google Play Store or App Store, download the “Speedtest by Oakla” app and check the speed of your internet connection with this app.

If your internet connection is weak on your phone, it is quite obvious that you may not get the notification from Snapchat properly.

You can make use of some of the free apps like Speedtest to test the speed of your internet connection.

After getting the result, you can make the decision whether your internet is working or is having some trouble.

In case, If your connection isn’t stable, try restarting the Wi-Fi router and if that doesn’t help you solve the issue, you should contact your ISP and they’ll be able to assist you and fix the issue.

 5. Clear the cache

To clear the cache of Snapchat on Android/ iOS, you have to:

  1. Launch the app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the “Profile icon” from the top.
  3. Now, you have to click on the “Settings” option located at the top corner.
  4. Scroll down and select “Clear Cache” and you are done.

The temporary files stored on your mobile device are called “Cache” and sometimes an excessive amount of cache could cause a lot of difficulties to use an app.

In this case, you might not be getting notifications on Snapchat because of cache, and clearing it will solve the issue immediately and you will get notifications on the app as usual.

The best thing about clearing the cache of Snapchat is, that you can do this within the app itself and not from your system settings. Only a handful of apps offer this feature and Snapchat is among one of them.

If you want more info about this method, you should watch this video.

This video for iOS users but the process is actually same for Android users too.

 6. Update the Snapchat app

To update Snapchat on your device, you have to:

  • Open “Google Play” or “App Store”.
  • Type “Snapchat” in the search bar.
  • Tap on update if the option is available and complete the process.

Just like many other popular apps, bugs have been found previously in Snapchat too and they have taken prompt action to fix them.

If you aren’t getting notifications on Snapchat, it could be related to some bugs and simply updating the app could easily fix the issue.

If you couldn’t find the “Update” option in the store, it means it is already updated and you have to look for any other way to solve it.

If the “Update” option is available, you should tap on that and complete the process in order to get rid of the issue you are facing right now.

7. Update the firmware of your device

To update the firmware of your mobile, you should:

  1. Android: Go to “Settings > System > System Updates” and complete the update.

  2. iOS: Go to “Settings > General > Software update” and update the firmware.

If you want to run any app on your smartphone smoothly, you need to have stable firmware on your mobile device.

If you are running an outdated version of firmware on mobile, you may have to face issues like these.

Just open the settings on your phone and see If there is any update available for your device.

If it is available, you should update it as soon as possible in order to solve this problem.

Bonus tips to fix Snapchat notifications not working:

Re-install the app: If you aren’t getting any notifications from Snapchat, it is always a good idea to uninstall and then re-install the app in order to fix If there are any technical issues with the app.

Sign out and sign in again: If the Snapchat app is having any account-related issues, you may not be able to get the notifications properly. Simply sign out from your account and then sign in again to fix the issue.

Disable the silent mode: Enabling the silent mode will block the notifications of most of the apps on your mobile and If Snapchat is also on the list of blocked apps, you might not get any notifications from the app. Simply disable this feature and the issue will be gone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens if you clear the Snapchat cache?

When you clear the cache of Snapchat, all the temporary files associated with the app will be deleted.

If you are having any issues running Snapchat on your phone, clearing the cache will surely help you run it smoothly.

2. Why I’m unable to receive notifications on Snapchat post iOS 15?

If you aren’t getting notifications on Snapchat after updating your device to iOS 15, make sure that you have whitelisted the app in the Do Not Disturb mode.

It could be even better to disable the Do Not Disturb If you don’t want to face these types of problems on your phone.

Final Words:

Getting notification is quite important on Snapchat to know about your DMs, and the latest snaps from your friends or anyone.

It is quite frustrating when you are unable to receive any notifications on Snapchat and that’s the reason I’ve made this post for users so that you can fix the issue and get the notifications as usual.

I guess now, you have got the answer as to why you aren’t able to receive notifications on Snapchat. If you would like to add any other thing to this list, please don’t hesitate to comment about that below. Thanks!

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