HTC Vive Updates: New Headsets and New Software Coming

HTC held a press conference at CES 2019 and revealed two new headsets that are in the making as well as two new services. The focus on VR isn’t as much as it has been the previous years at CES and I think that the hype has died. But it’s still something that is growing and HTC hope that their new products will solve many of the problems that VR currently has.

Vive Pro Eye Headset

The Vive Pro Eye is a new headset and will be using native eye tracking for easier accessibility as well as better menu navigation. The goal is that you should not need the controllers in the same way as you do today.

The Vive Pro Eye is made more towards businesses and not gamers, which likely means that this headset will cost a lot of money. There was no word on release or pricing.

The Vive Cosmos

The Vive Cosmos is the second headset they are working. The details about this headset weren’t much but the main goals with the headset are easy setup and comfort while in use. The headset is made to solve issues with the current VR headsets. There was no release or pricing information, but they at least released a trailer.

Vive Port Infinity

As subscription services are the coolest thing right now, HTC is looking to get a small piece of the cake as well. The Vive Port Infinity is a subscription service that offers all types of VR titles so that you always have a VR game to play or try out. There was no price mentioned but it is set to release April 5th, on Vive Day.

Vive Reality System

With virtual reality, there has to be some form of reality as well, so that when we feel miserable, we can take on our headset and run away. HTC’s solution to this is the Vive Reality System. This is a social place where you meet up and watch videos and play games together. There were no words on a release date for this one either.

On April 5th, there is Vive Day and I’m sure that we will learn more about all of this at that point. But for now, you can click here to check out HTC Vive on Amazon if you are interested in the software updates.


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