HP Showing Their BFGD, the Omen X Emperium

Nvidia has previously talked about their BFGD, Big Format Gaming Display concept but no monitors have been released. On CES 2019, multiple brands are showing their new monitors.

One brand that is very far in the product is HP with their Omen X. This huge monitor is said to release in Q1 2019.

The Omen X Emperium is not only packed with the features that are required for being a BFGD, but HP has also added some extra add-ins as well to make it a complete entertainment device.

The main point that HP pushes is the soundbar, which is a 200W+ soundbar that has been made specifically for this monitor and is also included in the box.

The soundbar has a game-mode and will enforce footsteps, making sure that you, as the gamer, recognize them clearly between all the other sounds from the game.

It will connect to the monitor using an optical sound cable, which is on the side. There, you will also find four HDMI ports as well as two USB ports, and a network port.

You can either choose to connect a console or a pc to the monitor but as part of the BFGD, there is also an Nvidia Shield built in which lets you stream games from Nvidia’s streaming service or from a computer on the LAN.

You can also use that for simpler tasks like watching Netflix or listening on Spotify.

The BFGD concept from Nvidia is a new type of concept, where huge monitors are being made specifically for gaming. If you were confused about if gaming monitors are better than t.v. then the BFGD brings a solution for you. It has the best of both worlds. It’s a gaming monitor in  the size of a TV!

They are 65” monitors with 4K, HDR. G-Sync and 144Hz, which should fulfill the need of any gamer. There has been no information on what these types of displays will cost.

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