How to zoom out on FireStick – Step-to-step guide

Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are HDTV-connected devices that provide a wide range of entertainment options. The most well-liked method for watching a wide selection of TV series and movies right now is Fire TV.

Utilize apps like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, and many more to access your favorite shows and movies. It may be possible to use your Fire Stick or Fire TV to play games and listen to music. Unsure of how to get your FireStick to zoom out?


Be at ease, this guide demonstrates how to use the Fire TV remote to change the Fire Stick zoom level from zoom in to zoom out. In this article, you will see the step to step guide on how to zoom out on FireStick. Let’s get into the article!

Amazon Fire Stick TV

The Amazon TV stick offers four different methods that enable a user to zoom out on the FireStick:

  • The accessibility settings on FireStick
  • The display calibration feature.
  • To reset the FireStick.
  • Be clear, the problem is not your FireStick.

The accessibility settings on FireStick

The Fire TV accessibility settings are used to zoom in, zoom out or adjust according to what the user wants to see. The Amazon TV has a Fire TV stick remote control that contains keystroke combinations, these keystroke combinations enable the Fire Stick screen magnifier zoom feature.

In a situation where the user mistakenly toggle screen magnifier and fails to figure out how to turn it off, then the user should go to the accessibility gear icon and adjust back to the normal mode. The fastest and easiest method to have your Fire Stick zoomed in and out is to use the keystroke combinations to turn on or turn off the screen magnifier feature on the TV.

As shown in the bottom two panels of the above image, if an orange frame or orange border inexplicably forms around your TV, you may have tapped the menu and play buttons on your remote control at the same time.

The keystroke combination is simply the forward and back buttons. To zoom out or zoom in using them, you press them and hold them until the TV screen is adjusted back to normality. The user may need to press and hold the keystroke for about five seconds; however, this depends on the type of Fire TV model being used.

It is very important to note that the back button is at the left of the home button, while the forward button is at the right of the Play/Pause button on the Fire TV remote app. The back button is not the same as the rewind button.

To use the Fire Stick zoomed out, the user should press the Fire TV menu button and the play/pause buttons while holding them for a while. Otherwise, the user can hold the back and forward buttons together for a while and still achieve a similar result.

In cases where the user fails to have access to their remote control, then the best way to go about this is by navigating the accessibility option through the TV settings menu button. Once you are here, then you can see the screen magnifier feature that permits you to enable and disable it at your will.

It is, however, no shocker that this method can fail at any given time, which may be due to the fact the user is unable to access the FireStick accessibility menu button because of a fault noticed on the device. There is however another method as mentioned at the beginning that can also be used to zoom out of a FireStick.

The display calibration feature

  • Go to the FireStick home screen.
  • Then click on the FireStick gear icon on the home screen.
  • A list of options will be displayed on settings, click on the FireStick display and sound option.
  • Go to fire TV calibrate display (underneath is written “no scale”).
  • Adjust your TV, and click the “accept” option.

In this step, moving forward, the user needs to make use of the “up and down buttons” on the Fire Stick remote control, they will be used as a part of the circular button, which is located underneath the button that has a microphone symbol on it. The user should keep pressing the up and down buttons to adjust the image size on the screen.

Once you reach a point where the screen is in clear view, without necessarily cutting off the edges, you have reached the optimal amount of zoom.

This step often solves the zoom-in and zoom-out problem on the Fire Stick. FireStick provides enough options for resetting the whole process and undoing and making an early adjustment.

  • After a user has effectively made all necessary adjustments, tap on accept.
  • Press the back button to return to the Amazon Fire Stick home screen. Afterward, check the home screen to see if all affected adjustments have been made.

To reset the FireStick

In cases where the Accessibility menu and the remote-control keystroke combinations for zooming in and zooming out failed to fix the problem, then a user must consider an Amazon Fire Stick stuck reset.,

The user should reset if the need to cut power to the FireStick arises. Often, after you reboot the device and its settings, the FireStick permits the display settings menu to adjust images.

To access the screen magnifier, you must visit the Accessibility menu, after which, you tap the back and forward buttons to enable or dis-enable.

To zoom in, you may press the menu and fast-forward, and to zoom out, you may press the menu and the rewind button. You may use the menu, up, down, left, or right to pan in these directions and then press menu and play/pause to rapidly enable or disable zoom.

It is important to note that not all video contents are compatible with the zoom feature.

Be clear the problem is not FireStick

There are cases where it turns out that the FireStick was never the problem; hence, it is very important to ensure that the FireStick is the problem.

Cases, where the FireStick was not the problem, are cases when the FireStick is used with a Smart TV and not a monitor supporting an HDMI connection.

Smart TV sets are often provided alongside their zooming features, and an act of carelessness from the user can result in the user zooming their pictures on the smart TV screen.

If this happens to be the case, then all the steps taken earlier with the Amazon Fire TV stick will not be able to fix the problem.

To ensure that the zoom-in problem being faced is caused by the User’s smart TV or monitor and not caused by the FireStick is the lack of an orange border/orange frame.

When the FireStick zoomed out, an orange border appears around it on the screen. This enables the user to be sure the screen is zoomed in. If the user does not see an orange border, then it simply means the Amazon Fire Stick TV is not zooming in.

In cases where the user encounters zoom-out on Amazon Fire TV problems while using Kodi, the user must dig up a bit in the Kodi settings. The step-by-step guide includes:

  • Start Kodi on the home screen with a blue logo with the letter K inscribed on it in white ink. Click on it.
  • After clicking, find settings.
  • A set of options will be displayed, tap on the “interface” option. It is at the bottom side of the screen.
  • Then you click on the skin, and the first option is displayed under the interface.
  • Under the skin, you tap on the zoom option.
  • Adjust the zoom level. To adjust the zoom level, use the center four-directional ring button. This ring button adjusts the image displayed on the screen.

The left and right buttons within the ring button can be used to adjust the zoom levels to the user’s preferred choice.

Quite often, while the user adjusts the zoom level, there may be difficulty at certain percentages, and this occurs while zooming in and zooming out.

An example is the user may observe there is no zoom in or out while on 30% to -30%. This should not call for panic. Instead, the user should adjust the image in the direction of their choice and the Amazon Fire Stick zoom will automatically adjust.

0% is the normal viewing experience every user seeks to attain. For an Amazon TV stick stuck on zoom, the best way to solve this is by pressing the back and fast-forward on the Fire Stick remote for about five seconds to and hold back and fast-forward to disable.

If none of these works, then the user can make apply the alternate key combinations, the combination is the menu and fast-forward to zoom and rewind to zoom out.

If one combination fails to work, then the user should try the other combination. The keys should be held down for about 5-10 seconds to be checked for changes.

FireStick and Fire TV

Fire TV devices are capable of several features:

1) There is the quick quad-core processor and extensible USB storage which allows users of this processor to play a variety of popular games, including Crossy Road, Minecraft, Game of Thrones, and many others.  Preferred TV shows and movies won’t need to buffer, and you may watch them right away.

2) To free up the little screen for other use, the Amazon Fire TV Stick may also allow you to transfer your favorite apps. Simply use the “mirror my screen” feature on your smartphone to mirror your tablet or smartphone to your TV.

3) The most well-liked TV shows and movies may be available to subscribers of Amazon at no additional cost. The HBO collection, original TV series, and Prime Music are all available with the Prime Instant Video subscription.

4) With some new gimmicks, Amazon has upgraded its Alexa Voice Remote. The second-generation remote is still a small, rectangular wand with a conspicuous, circular navigation pad, as well as a pinhole microphone for using Alexa at the top. Power and volume buttons have been added to the menu and playback controls, which are still present.

5) A distinctive “Alexa” voice search feature is one of the capabilities of Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick. Although it may not be required to use the Alexa feature to toggle magnification on or off, it is noteworthy nonetheless.

6) You may ask Alexa, a cloud service, to find a movie or TV show you want to watch on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick by simply speaking the name of the title, actor, genre, or even director. The cloud processes your voice command before displaying the search results on your Fire TV screen.

The FireStick safety of Kodi

The world is your oyster after you install Kodi on your Fire TV or FireStick.

By combining Kodi with a trustworthy VPN, you may enjoy limitless content while remaining undetected.

The design flaw of Fire Stick

On Amazon, there may be a regrettable error. Users may no longer use the Fire Stick zoom out since Amazon eliminated the option to change the display size.

Users may calibrate their displays by going to the settings section of the Fire TV home screen. However, there are no prompts that say to press the up and down arrows on the screen to zoom in and out of the visible area after choosing the Calibrate Display option.

Only static arrows may be shown to users, and a message instructs them to change the TV screen zoom or overscan settings.

Using the Fire Stick remote

If you have got your Fire TV stick remote, you will be able to reset your FireStick using the hard reset in seconds.

On the Fire TV remote, you will see the play/pause button and the Select button. Hold down these buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. Once you discharge, your FireStick will difficult restart.

Hard resetting your FireStick in settings

You can hard reset your FireStick on the settings page as well. To do this, go to the home tab on your home screen. Within that section, click “My Fire TV.” Then, scroll down, and you’ll see a restart button. Select it, and your Fire Stick TV will restart itself.

Is zooming out important?

Yes, understanding how to zoom on FireStick is crucial if you’ve already observed that your fire OS display interface is zoomed in. Since your Fire Stick zoomed in, you should expect a lower-quality entertainment experience for several reasons.

1) First, if your Fire TV Stick is stuck in zoom mode, you may be viewing a cropped image of whatever you want to view if you don’t fix the problem. You will inevitably be unable to see crucial portions of your program or sporting event if your video clip has been cropped. TV shows depend heavily on context, therefore losing it drastically lowers the quality of the programming.

2) The second significant problem is that if the Amazon Fire Stick zoomed in, it could be difficult to navigate through it and access favorite shows because buttons that would normally be seen are cut out of the image.

How do you zoom on Fire TV?

To get your zoom in and zoom out on FireStick, you may tap and hold the menu, play or pause buttons. Then again, you’ll attempt holding the back and forward buttons. Both will finish something comparative.

In case you need to contain around a bit whereas zoomed in at that point you wish to keep the menu button squeezed and after that press any of the directional buttons on the ring button at the best of the FireStick farther control.

What if I don’t have a FireStick remote control?

There’s continuously a chance that you need your remote control. In that case, you’ll need to explore the openness option via the settings menu. From there, you ought to be able to see the screen amplification alternative that you simply can empower and impair if it’s not too much trouble.

Of course, this strategy can fall flat. Perhaps you can’t get to the FireStick openness menu because of an issue with the gadget itself. Anything the case may be, there’s another way to zoom out on FireStick.

What do I do if I get zoomed out on Amazon Fire TV problems while using Kodi?

If you get zoomed out, follow these steps:

1) Launch Kodi to begin

2) Find settings: You’ll be able to effortlessly find the settings menu that shows up within the top-left corner of the screen close to the control symbol in case you’re utilizing Kodi Leia. The great thing about the Kodi menu is that even in the case your screen is zoomed apart, you’ll be able to press on things since of the way they’re set up on the screen.

3) Tap the interface: After you land on Settings, you will find the interface. It appears in the bottom section of the page.

4) Modify zoom setting: On the interface screen, find the zoom option and click on it

5) Modify the level of the zoom: This is often where you’ll need to use the center four-directional ring button to alter the picture on your screen. Once more, there shouldn’t be a struggle in the event you zoom to an unsatisfactory level. You’ll be able to utilize the correct or cleared-out button inside the ring buttons to keep altering the zoom levels.

Fundamental FireStick problems and how to fix

Buffering on the FireStick

Other methods to improve the connection might be tried if your Fire Stick is buffering.

  • Restart the Device: In the unlikely event that this is an uncommon issue, consider restarting both your Wi-Fi network and your Fire TV device.
  • Speed-testing other connected devices: Test the performance of another connected device to your Wi-Fi. Test the results after letting your modem restart to ensure they are accurate.
  • Cut the Router’s Distance From the Fire Stick: If it still takes too long for everything to load, try moving the FireStick and router as close to one another as you can, and remove any barriers in their path.

Blank FireStick screen

Try the following if your Fire Stick screen is blank:

  • Restart the FireStick: First, restart your FireStick if it only shows a blank screen. The “select” and “play/pause” keys must be pressed and held simultaneously for around five seconds. But only if you have access to the settings page.
  • Once the device has shut down and is starting back up, the Fire TV logo will show. The buttons on the controller may now be released.
  • If this doesn’t work and the device won’t reset, make sure the batteries in your Fire Stick controller are new. The Alexa-enabled controller uses Bluetooth rather than IR like a conventional remote, so it needs strong batteries to run.
  • Examine the HDMI, if your device is showing a blank screen, your last resort is to make sure it is connected to your TV’s HDMI port properly.

You can utilize the tiny HDMI connector that comes with the Fire Stick, or connect it directly to your TV if you need more room. Check to see if you’re using the included connecting cables before using any additional wires, advises Amazon. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to test one of your TV’s many HDMI ports.

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There are different ways to zoom out on FireStick. However, in some cases, the Fire Stick has a problem that should be checked and fixed. Fixing the problem solves the Fire Stick zoom-out or zoom-in problem on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. To fix the problem, the user must adjust the zoom from the remote control or through the accessibility menu.

Question & Answer

Why is my FireStick so zoomed in?

You probably tapped on the back and forward buttons on the Amazon FireStick remote for five seconds to enable the zoom function.

How do I adjust my FireStick to fit the screen?

On the off chance that you press back and forward on the Amazon FireStick remote for a few seconds, you’ll empower the screen magnifier. However, tap the back and fast-forward buttons to impair it. Press menu and forward to zoom in, menu, and rewind to zoom out.

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