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Gaming mouse with pinky rest

Top 3 Best Gaming Mice with Pinky Rest

Choosing a new gaming mouse might be the hardest choice you have, as it’s so individual and important for your future gaming. If you are looking for a gaming mouse with pinky rest, your options are even slimmer. Luckily, we were able to find some mice that offer that and should give you some options …

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how to hold gaming mouse

How to Hold Your Gaming Mouse the Best Way

How to hold your gaming mouse may not be something that you have been thinking about before but in fact, it’s important. Different grips are good for different games and you can even get an advantage in many games depending on your grip. Also, getting a mouse that supports your grip can make your gaming …

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gaming mouse

Gaming Mouse Vs Regular: The Difference is in the Details

Is a gaming mouse worth it? In this article, we are discussing the difference between a gaming mouse vs a regular mouse, giving you a clear perspective on what features that you can expect if you choose to get a gaming mouse. Sure, a gaming mouse is often a bit more expensive than a regular …

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The Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards 2019

For gamers, mechanical keyboards are a must. In our mechanical keyboard guide, we are going through some of the best mechanical keyboards on the market and tell you what we think about them.

gaming mouse

The Best Gaming Mice 2019

Times are changing. A couple of years ago, any mouse could be a gaming mouse, enough for playing your favorite games. Today, a gaming mouse should feature RGB, have multiple buttons and some even have OLED screens and haptic feedback. There are gaming mice for specific games and genres and thus, it has become more …

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The Razer Turret is a Keyboard and Mouse Combo Designed for Xbox One

If you thought that Razer was in the PC Master Race, you were probably not alone. However, it turns out that Razer loves all kinds of gamers, even console gamers. With their keyboard and mouse combo, the Razer Turret for Xbox One, they give the (other) green team some love.

Logitech G900 Wireless Mouse Review

The Logitech G900 is said to be one of the best wireless mice on the market. After having used one for a while, it’s clear why this mouse got this reputation.

The Complete Guide to Mechanical Switches on Keyboards

Learn what type of switches there are today and how they differ. In our guide about mechanical switches, we are covering the most common switches that you find in mechanical keyboards today.

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard Review

A clean and simplistic keyboard with full RGB and mechanical switches that is great for gaming. This is how you can sum up the Logitech G810, which we are reviewing today.

mouse pad with mouse and hand

How to Clean Your Gaming Mouse pad

Got soda on your mousepad and now run around the room in panic? Don’t worry, there are some simple ways to clean your gaming mouse pad, here are some of them.

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