Detailed Installation Guide: How to install RedBox on FireStick

RedBox TV is a special mobile application for high-quality viewing of online TV. Contains over 1000 different channels to watch, as well as live views from 15 different countries around the world.

RedBox TV is pretty easy to use. For a pleasant viewing, users will only have to select the channel they like and launch it. RedBox is an Android app that helps you to stream TV shows all over the world without any subscription or membership.

RedBox comes with many TV channels from 16 popular countries.

This makes it the first choice for many Amazon FireStick users.

Redbox on FireStick offers many different topics for viewing: science, sports, children’s and history, etc. All of them are provided from different parts of the earthly world.

If you like to watch different TV shows, you should install RedBox TV APP on FireStick or Fire TV.

Downloading and installing Redbox TV on FireStick takes a few minutes.

And you don’t need any special setup to start using it.

The app is simple and very convenient.

All you need to do is just select the category and channel you want to watch.

So, how to install Redbox TV on FireStick or Fire TV, let’s find out!

Why should you use a VPN for FireStick or Fire TV?

When you stream online content on your Redbox TV on FireStick, your personal information such as IP address and location is tracked by third-party trackers.

You risk being sued by media companies for free streaming of copyrighted content.

There are many apps available for FireStick or Fire TV, but some exclusive apps can only be accessed through the VPN service.

These applications may have copyrighted content, which is risky. Also, your ISP can easily trace your IP address, so there is a higher chance of losing your privacy online.

To avoid these issues and overcome geographic restrictions, you need to use a VPN service.

There are many VPN providers, you can use ExpressVPN.

Which is the fastest and most secure VPN service that provides excellent protection while streaming.

How to use ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN features:

1. Allows you to choose from over 3,000 servers

2. Strict zero-logging policy and jurisdiction beyond the reach of monitoring organizations

3. Can use 5 devices simultaneously

4. Easy to install, configure and use Redbox TV on FireStick. There are also apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and more.

5. Money back using Redbox TV on FireStick

Steps to install ExpressVPN when using Redbox TV on FireStick

1. First, you need to register with ExpressVPN

2. Choose the Search option from the FireStick’s main screen

3. Find ExpressVPN and download it to your FireStick

4. Sign in to your ExpressVPN account

5. Choose a VPN Server location and connect to an ExpressVPN server

How to install Redbox TV on FireStick or Fire TV

There are two ways to install RedBox on FireStick.

One uses the loader method and the other uses the explorer method. Before we can install RedBox on FireStick using the downloader method, we must enable the “Apps from unknown sources” option in the settings.

  1. Proceed to the FireStick home screen and tap Find Search
  2. Write Downloader in the search bar and click on it in the search results
  3. Choose the Downloader icon
  4. Then click the “Download” to continue. The Redbox on FireStick will be installed
  5. Once Downloader is installed, go to “Settings” on your Fire TV stick
  6. Then click My Fire TV
  7. Select Developer Options
  8. Then click on Install apps from unknown sources
  9. Enable the Downloader app by toggling the switch
  10. Hold down the Home on the FireStick and click Apps
  11. Launch the Downloader app
  12. Click on the text box
  13. Write the code: 17561 or enter the following URL:
  14. You will be redirected to the official RedBox page. Click Download for Android
  15. Wait for the download process to complete
  16. Click “Install” to install Redbox TV APK on FireStick or Fire TV
  17. When the download is complete, click “Open” and start streaming apps or satellite TV channels

How to use the RedBox TV app on FireStick and Fire TV

Return to the main FireStick screen, and then press and hold the Home button on the FireStick remote.

Open Apps, then find the Redbox TV app or any other app you want to access and click it to launch.

In the main window at the top, you’ll find different tabs for categories (e.g., Sports, Science, Kids) and regions (US, India, UK, etc.).

Click to open the drop-down list.

Clicking “All Channels” in the Redbox on FireStick.

When you click on a channel, you will be prompted to select a video player.

There are various options such as MX Player, VLC, XYZ Player, etc. It is recommended to use MX Player for FireStick because it is fast and reliable.

If you want to select a player each time you click on a channel, click “Just Once“. If you want to set some default video player and avoid this pop-up, click “Always“.

Click “Settings” to explore the app’s settings:

Lock settings

If you want to restrict access to application settings, enable this setting. When you do this, the “Password” option will also be enabled.

You can set a new password to access settings. If you have not set a custom password, you can use the default password 1234.

Favorites inset

The Redbox TV on FireStick opens in the Sports tab by default. If you want to display channels from any other tab instead, you can select another tab.

Video player

Here you can set or change the default video player.

Top features of using the Redbox TV app:

Large selection of channel genres such as sports, children, and science

Includes over 1000 live TV channels.

Redbox TV APK takes up little space, which allows it to run on FireStick without any problems.

The Favorites section makes it easy to access previously liked content.

Supports a wide range of external video players.

The password protection feature allows you to lock the Redbox TV.

The app is easy to use.

A convenient interface that you will quickly get used to.

How to sideload Redbox TV on FireStick using ES File Explorer

Install ES File Explorer on the Redbox TV FireStick app if you haven’t already done.

Important note. Make sure you have permission to install apps from unknown sources. To enable access, go to Settings on your Fire TV stick→ My Fire TVDeveloper Options Enable apps from unknown sourcesES File Explorer. Then, enable ES File Explorer.

Then launch the ES File Explorer app on the FireStick.

Click “Tools” on the left panel.

Select the ‘+’ icon from the bottom.

In the pop-up window, enter the Redbox TV APK URL in the Path field, and enter Redbox in the Name field.

Then select the “Download Now” button. The Redbox TV APK will now start loading.

After downloading the Redbox TV APK file, click the “Open File” button.

Click the “Install” Redbox TV APK on the pop-up window.

Finally, the Redbox TV APK on FireStick will be installed.


How do I get the Redbox app on my TV?

Go to the FireStick home screen. Write “Downloader app” in the search bar. Select the bootloader icon.

Then download the RedBox TV APK file and start streaming!

Does Redbox have a streaming app?

Redbox TV is a free live-streaming service that offers both free live TV and on-demand content through the Redbox website and apps.

Why is Redbox not working?

Use the Redbox app with the latest software update. Also, check out common FireStick fixes that don’t work.

Is Redbox TV legal?

If you are streaming copyrighted content, it may be illegal in your country. Be sure to always stream publicly available media.


You can use FireStick or Fire TV device to stream live TV, and also you can install Redbox TV on FireStick.

Redbox TV is one of the best devices that will greatly enhance your streaming experience.

Don’t forget to use a VPN service.

By using a VPN, you can encrypt your internet connection to prevent your personal information from being stolen and control your private activities.

Redbox TV not only contains a huge collection of live TV channels from all over the world but also supports and provides online access to most channels with high-quality streaming.

Many channels are broadcast in 1080p Full HD.

Therefore, Redbox TV is one of the best Live TV apps for FireStick or Fire TV.

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