Corsair K63 is a Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Backlight

Last year, Logitech released their first wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, the Logitech G613. This was the first wireless gaming keyboard with mechanical switches.

Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn’t have any backlight because it would drain too much battery. Well, Corsair solves that problem with the new K63 keyboard. But just as Logitech said, it comes at the cost of battery power.

The new Corsair K63 is a wireless mechanical keyboard aimed at gamers. They are using Cherry MX Red switches which are great for gaming.

The keyboard offers 128-bit AES encryption so that the communication between the keyboard and the computer are secure. It’s a nice feature to have and according to Corsair, the latency with encryption enabled is up only 0,8ms which is not noticeable for most users.

The K63 keyboard offers backlight. There is no RGB but only blue lightning. And just as Logitech said, the backlight is a big battery drainer.

With the backlight disabled, the keyboard has up to 75 hours of battery life but if you enable it and have the backlight on max brightness, this is turned down to only 15 hours.

You can get a longer battery life by turning down the brightness and I feel that it is something you have to do. Charging your keyboard every day is not wireless, in my book.

K63 keyboard

The new K63 is made to be used with their new Lapboard. The keyboard will fit perfectly into the Lapboard and you then have a mousepad next to it for your mouse.

The Lapboard is great for gaming in the living room and the K63 is making so much more sense when you have this Lapboard in mind.

We are still not at the point where it makes sense to purchase a wireless gaming keyboard for your setup.

Headsets and mice are already here but when it comes to keyboards, a cable is still needed. However, when you pair the K63 with the lapboard and a wireless mouse, you have a great setup for your living room. But if you are not going to use it in the living room, I feel that the K63 is not worth your money. Yet.

You can purchase the Corsair K63 as well as the lapboard in Corsair’s store today.

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