The Best Gaming Mice

Times are changing. A couple of years ago, any mouse could be a gaming mouse, enough for playing your favorite games. Today, a gaming mouse should feature RGB, have multiple buttons and some even have OLED screens and haptic feedback.

There are gaming mice for specific games and genres and thus, it has become more important to actually do some research before buying one. To make your life easier, I have in this article, listed my top 5 best gaming mice.

It’s a list that contains the best gaming mice for FPS gamers, for MMO gamers, for all-purpose gamers and the list goes on. There are so many genres today and at some point, we all have to compromise on what we want and how we want it.

A great example of this would be the RGB-hysteria that is right now. Any gaming mouse that doesn’t have RGB is automatically ruled out as being the best gaming mouse. It could still be great, and the performance could be fantastic but that is the world we live in today.

I see myself to not be obsessed by RGB and yet, I would never purchase a mouse without RGB. Something else that is a hot topic today is the talk about wireless gaming mice. I talk about it all the time and it’s fantastic how far we have come (or have we?!).

Cables are a nightmare and we are finally at the point where wired mice vs wireless mice can offer the same performance and latency. It’s only a matter of question on what you want and if you are ready (do you dare?) to go with a wireless gaming mouse.

Going back to the subject at hand, the best gaming mice, I’ve concluded a list. This list is based on my own opinions and feelings and thus, yours might be different. This is simply an opinion, from one gamer to another.

Top 5 Best Gaming Mice

I am always keeping this guide updated to the latest releases of mice that I can get my hands on. As expected from someone running a gaming website, I keep myself updated and informed and when new products come out, I want to talk about it. So, when reading this guide, you can be sure that everything is up to date.

1. SteelSeries Rival 600Best Overall

Interface Wired
Sensor TrueMove3+
DPI (CPI) 12 000
Programmable Buttons 7
Weight 96g (+32g)

The latest gaming mouse from SteelSeries’s Rival-series is the 600. The rival 600 is a mouse that has all the features that you expect from a mouse, as well as the groundbreaking TureMove3+ Dual Optical Sensor.

This sensor will not only track your movements over the mousepad but will also track the distance to the mousepad to make sure you get the most accurate mouse movements. This means that you can lift your mouse a few millimeters without losing that important accuracy.

But the SteelSeries Rival 600 is good for so much more than just lifting. It has 12 000 CPI, making movements very smooth in-game. As with everything else, it features full RGB in a total of eight(!) zones. There is a total of 7 buttons on the mouse, which can be controlled in the SteelSeries Engine Software, where the RGB will also be controlled.

I firmly believe that the SteelSeries Engine is the best software when it comes to peripheral customization. Something that is more rarely today is the included weights for the mouse. Without weights, the mouse weights 96 grams, which is very light.

The max weight is 128g, that is with all weights in the mouse. The weights themselves weights 4 grams each, and there is eight of them. This is making the Rival 600 great for most types of people, no matter the preferred mouse weight.

Of course, this mouse doesn’t suit everyone in other aspects. SteelSeries have said that the Rival 600 is a gaming mouse made for e-sports. I can see this mouse being very popular in the FPS genre where quick, accurate and smooth movements are needed, and I have no doubt that the Rival 600 will be on top of its game there.

In fact, the Rival 600 is so good that there is very little to complain about. The weight system, the RGB, the sensors, and the satisfying clicks on the buttons make this the best gaming mouse. It really deserves its own full review to explain just how good it is.

What’s the Difference Between TrueMove3 and TrueMove3+?

Basically, they feature the same thing except that the plus-version does support the second sensor that will measure the depth, increasing accuracy while lifting the mouse.

Is the SteelSeries Rival 600 Wireless?

No, it’s not. However, the wire can be detached.

Can the SteelSeries Rival 600 be Used by Left-Handers?

No, the mouse is for right-handed people only.

2. Logitech G903Runner Up

Interface Wired/Wireless
Sensor PWM3366
DPI (CPI) 12 000
Programmable Buttons 6-11
Weight 110g

Wireless mice are a fairly divisive topic, as there are some gamers who love them and others who think that a gaming mouse should be wired, in order to not lose performance.

However, Logitech is known for being one of the top companies who has a handle on how to make great wireless gaming mice that are more than a simple one-trick pony. The Logitech G903 is obviously more impressive and sleeker than other wireless gaming mice on the market.

It offers Lightspeed wireless technology that is designed with an impressive 1ms response rate, ensuring that you can stay highly competitive, no matter what game you’re playing. The powerful PWM3366 sensor ensures zero smoothing on the whole DPI range. Crisp and responsive buttons are key to a great gaming experience, and the Logitech G903 has buttons that are responsive, consistent, and designed for standing up to intense gaming sessions.

One thing that really sets the G903 apart from other wireless mice and showcases Logitech’s forward-thinking is the Powerplay wireless charging pad, which you can find on Amazon. When using this pad together with the G903, the mouse charges not only when at rest, but also at play, ensuring all the power needed for marathon sessions.

Gamers who buy the G903 can relax, as it offers an ambidextrous design that is perfect for both left- and right-handed users, no matter their grip style. The buttons are all configurable, which means that gamers can set the mouse to meet their needs and that every mouse can be configured differently. There are 11 programmable buttons on the G903, but the customization doesn’t just stop there, as users can also customize the lighting on the mouse.

Since it only weighs 107 grams, it’s designed to be fast and easy to move, but not so lightweight that it feels hollow or like a toy. With an infinite scroll feature that allows gamers to keep moving and scrolling without having to slow down, it’s easy to see why this mouse is a top option for any competitive gamer.

It’s worth noting that you do have to press on the scroll button if you want to trigger it, and you generally need more pressure than normal. This mouse has reduced lag and smooth tracking, which is something that can suffer when gamers opt for wireless mice. As long as you play with the mouse on the charging pad, there is very little concern over whether or not the mouse will have the battery life that you need to fully enjoy your gaming experience.

Can the G903 be Used with Wire?

Yes, you can have the wire connected at all times and the data will go through the cable instead.

Is this Mouse Good for Large Hands?

As a mouse is very individual, there is no right or wrong answer here. However, I would say yes, this mouse is good for large hands.

Is it Possible to Change Colors on the Mouse?

Yes, you can use Logitechs gaming software to further customize the mouse, like colors, buttons and DPI.

Logitech G502 – The best option for Logitech fans that want a wired gaming mouse

If you don’t trust wireless gaming mice and I haven’t been able to persuade you, but still looking for a mouse from Logitech, then the Logitech G502 is your option. It’s a great mouse that has all the bells and whistles that you would want from a gaming mouse, such as 11 programmable buttons, rgb lighting, 12 000 dpi settings and an ergonomic thumb wrest. You can click here to check out the Logitech G502 Proteus on Amazon. 

3. Razer Naga Trinity

Interface Wired
Sensor 5G Optical
DPI (CPI) 16 000
Programmable Buttons 2-12
Weight 120g

When gamers are looking for mice, it’s easy to set the more advanced gamers apart from the newbies, as gamers who have been playing for a longer period of time often have higher standards that they expect from their mice.

The Razer Naga Trinity is the perfect option for any gamer looking for high customization and who wants to be able to quickly switch side plates without changing mice. Unlike other gaming mice that are a whole unit that can’t be changed, the Naga Trinity mouse features three side plates that can all be easily switched out. They have 2, 7, and 12 programmable button options, which makes them great for all types of gaming experiences.

Because gamers will have more buttons to choose from, they will have better control over their game. This mouse is perfectly designed to provide you with the additional boost that you need to succeed in MOBA/MMO games. This allows you to customize your mice for building or for weapons use, giving you a clear edge.

Not only can you change out the side panels on the Naga Trinity, but it’s powered by the Razer Synapse Software, which allows for complete customization via 16.8 million colors. The surface of the mouse, as well as all colors of the mice, are matched to your personality and your needs. Unfortunately, this is a right-handed mouse, which means that left handers won’t be able to use it and have the button control that it offers right-handed gamers.

However, this mouse is designed to be comfortable and long-lasting for right-handed gamers, providing them complete in-game control. The mouse switches for all of the buttons that are designed to last up to 50 million clicks, which means that gamers won’t have to worry about replacing their mice anytime soon. All programmable buttons are high quality and also placed exactly where they can be easily reached and pressed.

The 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor on the Naga Trinity means that this mouse is not only incredibly responsive but designed for swift and speedy movements without any lag or drag. You’ll be able to easily handle any battle that you’re in and will be able to keep up with more advanced gamers without any problems.

The mouse wheel is also a bit more advanced than on other gaming mice and offers left and right rocking and will easily scroll without you having to roll the wheel. Since the mouse recognizes new side panels as soon as they are installed on the mouse, gamers can adjust their mouse on the go without any adverse effects.

Does the Mouse Come with all Three Side Plates or is that Extra Purchase?

No, the mouse comes with them, so you only buy once and get them all.

Is the Synapse Software Needed on All Devices Where I Use This Mouse?

No, the settings will be saved in the mouse so you can change devices and keep your settings.

Is there a Left-hand Version of this Mouse?

No, there is not.

4. Corsair Ironclaw 

Interface Wireless
Sensor PMW3391
DPI (CPI) 18 000
Programmable Buttons 7
Weight 105g

Small gaming mice may be lighter weight and incredibly speedy during fast-paced games, but they can be really tricky to hold if you have larger hands or prefer to use a palm grip when playing. Rather than sacrificing comfort or speed, when you opt for the Corsair Ironclaw you really can have it all.

The Ironclaw is an attractive gaming mouse that was specifically designed for palm grips and gamers who have larger hands without being so heavy or bulky that it doesn’t offer the speed that you want in a fast-paced game. At 105 grams, it’s light enough to handle fast motions, but still offers the surgical precision that you want in a game. The 18,000 DPI sensor in the Ironclaw isn’t just impressive, but it also delivers incredibly accurate tracking and speeds up any gaming experience.

The precision optical sensor, along with the sensitivity customization that the Ironclaw offers, ensures that you get the best possible tracking for every game. To ensure that your buttons don’t fail you in the middle of an epic battle, this gaming mouse features ultra-durable Omron switches. These are designed to last for more than 50 million clicks, which is the industry standard in gaming mice and ensures that your mouse won’t fail you anytime soon.

Programmable buttons are key when you’re in the middle of a game, and the Ironclaw has seven buttons that you can program again and again, depending on your current needs. They make it easy to access powerful moves or macros to even key your remaps for a great advantage.

With two-zone RGB backlighting, gamers can easily customize their presets, as well as any effects to match the setup that they have. As every gamer knows, setting up personalized settings on a mouse and then taking the mouse to a new location can result in losing all of your settings. The Ironclaw prevents this from occurring thanks to the hardware macro playback. This means that your settings will stay with the mouse so that you can easily enjoy your personalized settings, no matter where you play.

Unlike some scroll wheels that can be unwieldy or slow to respond, the scroll wheel on the Ironclaw feels solid and incredibly precise, which is perfect for when you need a lot of control during games. It even allows gamers to move the wheel just one notch at a time, which may not seem important in fast-paced games but can make the difference in winning or losing in some more intense matches.

Are All Buttons Programmable?

Yes, they are.

What’s the Difference Between the Black One and Aluminium One?

The look. The aluminium one is actually aluminium and is silver while the black one is plastic and black at the front. There is no difference in features.

Does The LG 27UD68 Have USB-C?

No, it’s not.

5. Razer Deathadder Elite 

Interface Wired
Sensor PMW3389
DPI (CPI) 16 000
Programmable Buttons 7
Weight 105g

As you are probably aware of right now, most gaming mice have a lot of features that may or may not be necessary. All the manufacturers are trying to come up with different this and that so that you will purchase their mouse. But what if you want just a simple mouse that does the basic things for gaming? The Razer DeathAdder Elite is the choice for you.Razer released the first DeathAdder in 2006 and since then, not much has changed on the model.

A reason for that could be that it works. It has an ergonomic design to it, being a bit higher than many other non-gaming mice. On the left side, there are two buttons that you click on with your thumb. For better grip, there is a textured surface for the thumb and two of the outermost fingers.There isn’t much going on with the DeathAdder Elite.

The scroll wheel can be clicked on and behind the wheel, there are two buttons which you can configure what you want. As standard, you can change the DPI on the fly with one of the buttons, but I don’t see the feel of a dedicated button for this. Lucky me, the Razer software is good and easy to use.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite does feature RGB and you can move away from the green in the software, making it look more suited for your own setup’s color scheme. It’s a great all-purpose gaming mouse that will handle all genres great. If you are only playing FPS or MMO games, maybe a mouse that is more suited to that specific genre would be better but if you are jumping around, the DeathAdder is a great option.

I have seen some that say the DeathAdder is great for RTS-games but to be fair, I’m not sure why I would pick this mouse over any other while playing StarCraft. The mouse is a bit cheaper than other gaming mice on this list and that’s because of its basics functionality. On the other hand, it’s the basic functionality that makes the Razer DeathAdder Elite a really good gaming mouse.

I’ve heard about different versions of this mouse. What’s different?

The only difference between the versions is the look of it. You can get the DeathAdder with Overwatch-branding as well as Destiny 2-branding.

Is the cable detachable?

No, it’s not.

Can profiles be saved on the mouse or is software necessary?

The software is necessary. Razer Synapse will save your profiles to the cloud, so you can just log in to any PC and the profiles will be loaded. But it will require that the Razer Synapse is installed.

Best Gaming Mice – Tech Comparison

SteelSeries Rival 600 Logitech G903 Razer Naga Trinity Corsair Ironclaw Razer Deathadder Elite










5G Optical




12 000

12 000

16 000

18 000

16 000

Programmable Buttons













96g (+32g)





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Best Gaming Mice – Buyers Guide

Choosing the Best Gaming Mouse for Your Needs

Choosing the best gaming mouse for you can be hard. As you have seen, there is a lot of factors that you need to think about when purchasing a new mouse. However, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to make your life easier. What types of games do you play? Are you someone who has a full steam library and plays a lot of simulation, RTS, MMO, and FPS at the same time? If you do, an all-purpose mouse would maybe suit you the best.

Having a mouse that is suited for different types of games makes it really easy to switch between genres. Yes, all mice can be used for any type of game, but some are more specialized than others. For example, I wouldn’t recommend the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB to someone who wants an all-purpose mouse. The 12 extra buttons on the side will not be used in most games and they will simply be in the way. Having something else like the Razer DeathAdder is a much better choice.

What is your budget? If you have $50 to spend on a mouse, you will automatically rule out some of the more feature-rich mice. You will have to miss out some features to get down in price. This is natural and something we do with everything we purchase, gaming mice included.

It’s important to set a budget before you start looking so that you don’t end up spending way too much than you want. Wired or Wireless gaming mouse? Are you OK with having a wire to your mouse at all times or would you prefer to have no cable at all? Since a wireless gaming mouse are as good as wired mice today (at least the higher priced mice), you should go with what you prefer the most.

The Logitech G900 is a great example of a gaming mouse where you can’t notice the difference between wired vs wireless. But it also comes at a price. There are also other gimmicks such as illumination or extra weights, but I feel that those are more bonuses than the other things. If you have found a mouse that is in your budget but doesn’t feature RGB, maybe look for something that is a bit more expensive but still in the budget with RGB. It’s a nice to have-feature but something you should scrap if your budget doesn’t allow it.

Explaining DPI on Gaming Mice

When shopping for a new gaming mouse, something that comes up often is DPI or CPI. If you don’t know what this means, this is just a confusing number. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and is deciding how sensitive a mouse is. A mouse with a high DPI can move the cursor further on the screen with very little movement while a mouse with low DPI do the opposite.

If you have a low DPI setting on your mouse, you will have to do big movements with your arm for the cursor to move. This is how it was 10 years ago, and you could easily get tired in the arm quickly. On the other hand, if you have a high DPI setting, the cursor might fly around the screen with very little movement.

You will need to find a balance in between that is suited to what you are doing right now. If you are playing FPS games and are looking for those head-shorts, you will need a very accurate and sensitive mouse so that small movements will be tracked and followed up on the screen by the mouse.

This is where high DPI is good when sensitivity is important. When you are just browsing the web, you can afford bigger movements and have the sensitivity maxed out can quickly be uncomfortable. That is why most gaming mice have a button on the top that allows you to adjust the DPI so that you can have perfect sensitivity whatever you are doing. I also mentioned CPI in the beginning. That is basically the same thing, but it stands for Counts Per Inch. When talking about mice, the correct one is actually CPI while DPI is more towards printer quality.

The reason everyone is saying DPI is because it’s more widely known and more used than CPI. But there is no need to worry, CPI and DPI is the same thing, so whatever the manufacturer is using, the numbers are still there, and they are still the same.

DPI on Gaming Mice

The Polling Rate of a Gaming Mouse

Polling rate is another word that markets love to talk about. But what does it really mean? Well, simply enough, polling rate is how often your mouse is telling your computer that it has moved and the cursor on the monitor should be moved accordingly.

The polling rate of a mouse is rated in Hz and is about telling the computer if the mouse has been moved. If the polling rate of a mouse is 500Hz, it will tell the computer it’s position 500 times per second. This will greatly increase the smoothness of the mouse.

Many gaming mice today have polling rates up to 1000Hz and most of them can also be configured in software to increase or decrease the polling rate. Some cheaper gaming mice can have trouble with 1000Hz, as it is simply too much and you can experience things like input lag.

It can also be caused by having a slow CPU as the CPU will still need to process the polling rates from the mouse, all 1000 of them per second. This is on top of the other things that the CPU needs to do. This is usually not a problem but something to be aware of if you are gaming on an old machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Since gaming mice do cost half a fortune, it’s important to choose the right one. To do that, there are questions that need answering. For this section, I’ve collected some of the most common questions I get when talking about gaming mice.

How to Clean a Gaming Mouse Pad?

I have written an article about this already which you can find here.

Why Should I get a Gaming mouse? What’s wrong with a regular mouse?

There is nothing wrong with a regular mouse. However, gaming mice tend to have more features that a gamer want. As a gamer, I prefer to have a lot of buttons on my mouse so that I can use them to bind different macros. I also like the RGB that many gaming mice have. But the biggest reason is the sensor. Gaming mice tend to have the best sensors for tracking and sensitivity and thus, they perform the best. And we know that gamers want nothing but the best.

How Many Buttons Should I opt for?

That is an impossible question to answer. It all depends on what games you play. If you are playing FPS games, having 4-5 buttons is usually enough. For MMOs and RTS games, I would prefer to have 6-9 buttons or even more. But that is just what I prefer.

How Should I Hold my Gaming Mouse?

That is entirely up to you, do what you feel is the best. The two main styles are the claw grip and the palm grip. The claw grip is when you have your fingers pointing upwards while the finger top is rested on the mouse buttons. The thumb usually goes out a bit as well. The palm grip is when you rest your whole hand on the mouse, laying the fingers on the mouse and having the thumb close to the mouse. Both are right, and it depends on your playstyle. I use the palm grip and I prefer to rest my hand on the mouse, but my brother prefers claw grip.

How Much DPI Should a Gaming Mouse Have?

This is also a very individual question. I think the most common range of DPI is 800-1800. While surfing the web and doing general stuff, I usually have it at 1600 DPI and in games, 250 DPI is OK for me. As you can see, I’m nowhere close to the 12K max DPI on many gaming mice. As long as the mouse you are buying has 4K DPI, you have a lot of space to test with.

Wrapping Up

Buying a gaming mouse can be the easiest thing in the world if you have the money and are ready to spend them. However, if you are looking for something that is a bit more specialized to what games you play and that fits a limited budget, it can be much harder.

The five mice that I recommend in this guide are all great performers. I would never recommend something that I haven’t tested myself. I am sure that there is some of you who feel differently about this list and is wondering why this, and that mouse isn’t listed. It could be that I haven’t played around with the mouse, thus not having any experience with it. It could also be because I didn’t like it as much. Feel free to leave a comment with your questions if that is the case.

To end it off, I would like to say that the links to Amazon in this guide are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something, Gaming Simplified will get a small commission from that purchase. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it helps us tremendously as running a website isn’t free. Thank you for your support.

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