Asus Showing Off Their Latest RGB Keyboard & RGB Accessories

RGB has been a thing for quite some time now. During 2017, we saw more and more stuff coming out with RGB, one worse than the other. Asus is not done with RGB and they are showing off some of their new things on CES 2018.

Asus Strix Flare Mechanical Keyboard

Asus Keyboards

First up, we have their new mechanical keyboard, the Asus Strix Flare mechanical keyboard. Nothing is said about which switches that the keyboard will offer yet, only that it will use Cherry MX switches.

A guess is that it will have Red, brown and blue since those are the most popular.

The keyboard will also have dedicated media keys on the left side instead of the right side as most others.

This will be perfect for us who are using our right hand for the mouse since we don’t have to lift our hands away from the mouse anymore.

The keyboard looks to be a slim one with included wrist rest and a USB-A pass-through for your mouse or headset (thank you). Of course, the keyboard will feature full RGB with 16.7 million colors and support for Asus Aura lightning software.

ROG Aura Terminal

ROG Aura Terminal

The new Aura Terminal is exactly what you guess it is. This is a box that will control all your lightning in one place.

The Aura Terminal will be able to handle up to four light channels, which means that you will be able to control the lighting in your PC, under your desk, behind your monitors and other places with just one controller.

The Terminal will also support Asus ROG Halo. The software will determine what colors are around the edge of your monitor(s) and then light up the back of the monitors in the same way, basically the same way as Philips Ambilight.

There is nothing said about how it will connect but a likely guesstimate is that it will include a USB that you connect to your PC. You will then be able to control the lightning is the Aura Software.

ROG Spotlight

ROG Spotlight

I don’t know if this is for lol’s or not, but the ROG Spotlight is a small device that will project the ROG logo on the wall, the ceiling or whatever you want it to.

At first, I thought it was a webcam with RGB lightning but no, simply nothing else than showing off the ROG logo. I am sure it will sell, I just don’t know why anyone would purchase it. Of course, it’s fully RGB.

Bezel-Free Kit

Bezel-Free Kit

So, this is a cool idea that I won’t believe until I see it for real. Having multiple monitors next to each other has always been a pain since you have had big bezels in the middle of the screen.

Asus want to solve that problem with their new bezel-free kit.

The mounts will connect two monitors next to each other and will use vertical lenses to cover the bezel themselves. This will give you a sense of having one monitor instead of two.

Having two or three monitors for gaming might become cool again with this kit.

ROG Strix GL12

ROG Strix GL12

To end it off, Asus has also presented their latest and greatest gaming pc, the ROG Strix GL12. It is said to be built for E-sport and will have everything that you expect from a pre-built system these days. This includes the latest hardware, RGB, liquid cooling, and upgradeability.

There is a custom MicroATX motherboard inside the system that can house up to an Intel i7-8700K, 64GB of RAM and NVME SSDs.

The case will then be able to hold even more storage while still leaving room for upgrades later down the road.

All of these products are said to release in the first half of 2018, nothing more specific than that.

There is also no pricing on none of them, so we will have to wait for a while until we see them in stores. Depending on the switches of the Strix Flare keyboard, I can see myself getting one those later in the year.

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